New TFP OC: Megumi Nakadai Tron Picture

This character is in my head a long time. Finally I can introduce her.
I planned (still plan), write a story in which Miko and Megatron secretly has a relationship. However, Miko discovers to be pregnant. So the story will focus on time Miko is pregnant. And maybe later, focusing on the point of view of Megumi, about her being a half-breed.
And the young man standing together Megumi in the corner of the image is the Smokescreen's holoform.

Now, some things about her:

Megumi Nakadai Tron is the daughter of Megatron and Miko Nakadai. Appears as having 14 years (she lives much more than an ordinary human, so human age does not work with her).

"Megumi" means "blessing" in Japanese. Miko gave her that name because it is similar to the name of her father.

Megumi has a major interest in Japanese culture and has a large collection of manga and anime. Love mythological stories and fiction books. Also loves the Gothic culture (most of your clothes are in that style). Knows how to play flute, violin and piano (for the misfortune of Miko XD). Can sing and loves to be praised. It's smart, but hates studying. If something does not interest her, she will ignore it.

Very sincere, perhaps too much. Not afraid to speak in the face of others what needs to be said. Very mature for her age. Try not to care about the opinions of others, although occasionally feel a little depression, especially about his matter of human-cybertronian mestizo.

Extremely loyal, but does not forgive easily and is very vindictive. So, beware when call her for "shorty," or she'll get even. A bit antisocial, has trouble making friends, partly because when he finally makes a friend, must separate it years later, to anyone suspect that she is not human.

Decided, determined and very stubborn. Hates people dictating your life and feeling stuck. So sometimes have serious discussions with her father because he wants her to lead the Decepticons, but Megumi has no interest in that.

Her favorite color is black (considering that she likes the Gothic style, this is nothing new), so if you give her some pink dress ... she'll freak out.

Hate bullies. Always will protect someone who can not defend themselves. Also hates prejudice, considering she also suffers from it. One of his "nickname" is "Devil Girl" and "Hell Girl" (as a matter of fact, Megumi does not hate so much that nickname, since it is based on an anime).

For being a tech-organic, it has some characteristics, both physical and psychological very curious:

-She is much faster, stronger and durable than any human;

-In Case of danger a armor emerges that is very similar to her father. She is trying to learn how to bring up the armor alone;

-She eats twice as much as an adult (though a few gulps of energon are able to satisfy her);

-Your Senses are much more accurate, especially the vision;

-Can stay a long time without breathing (but feel very uncomfortable when do not breathe);

-Has a crystal in your chest representing her spark and can not be removed (any attempt to be removed will result in horrible pain for her);

-Your Blood is a mixture of human blood with energon (because of that, transfusions are very complicated);

-Her eyes are red (has glasses and contact lenses to disguise this condition), sharp teeth (not much, but it can be noticed if you pay attention) and purple marks throughout the body (neck, abdomen, arms, knees, back and legs) ;

-Because she is a half-breed between two races, she is sterile. So she will never menstruate or go through heat cycles. Much less become pregnant.

To defend himself, she learned ninjutsu and karate. Your weapons are two shurikens and hers claws.

Are afraid of needles. Since your skin is stronger than normal human skin, until the doctors and nurses realize that they have to use a stronger needle, she has to be subject to sting several times. It is not pleasant.

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