DCM APP::Tiara Picture

Because Tiara is necessary.

Name: Tiara
Age: 15; born 16.August.2000
Gender: Female
Rank: I; Tempter
Height: short, height unknown
Weapon: Fire Breath (spiked hammer)
Personality: [Sweet] [Possessive] [Stubborn] [Smug]

Tiara was born to Amulet and a woman she doesn't seem to acknowledge. She does but honestly? Her Mama stopped being important the moment her Papa left. She felt she needed to find Amulet. She was home schooled though she very much ditched any class not involving languages (the speaking, not the writing), magic, or mythology. The only thing she can actually read is runes, asking her to read anything else is pointless as she's illiterate beyond her runes. She does know alphabets of languages she learned but she doesn't really remember how they sound. She just likes doodling with the letters. Her mother was exasperated by her want to not learn to read and after Amulet disappeared she pretty much ran away from home.

Mostly, her entire world revolved around Amulet, Leviathan, and dragons until she arrived in Daten. How she showed up in Daten was, well, interesting to say the least. She stole someone's phone and spoke at it to find her way around until she managed, somehow (even she's unsure how) to find the main entrance to Hell Corp. From there she proceeded to try and find Amulet. It was... difficult. Mostly due to the fact that she didn't even know the man's name. Imagine a little girl asking a bunch of people where Papa is. That's what happened. She found her way to him, met HP, dubbed him Meema, and has settled very firmly into Daten ever since. Soon after she showed up she met Mantle and decided that she would be Tiara's wife.

Tiara, overall, is a very simple person. Her goal is to become a dragon, collect all the princesses (the only qualification being long and/or pretty hair), and amass a giant horde.

Her Relationship with her Mother:
Despite saying it's a simple relationship, there's a bit more to their relationship than just exasperation. Her mother, from what Tiara could tell, is a librarian. She's also a very kind woman though she's also strict with Tiara. Tiara doesn't realize (or know, at this point) that her mother eventually rearranged her class schedule when she realized Tiara wasn't interested in reading. Tiara won't say it but she misses her fiercely every day. Especially at night when she remembers her mother getting everything ready for the next day and then singing Tiara to sleep. For now, she is focused on trying to learn to read (she feels it's time to) and then to write out letters to her mother. On her mother's end, the woman cares very deeply for Tiara. She tries to insure that Tiara is well cared for and frequently sends funds and clothing. She's begun to send over some of her favorite mythology texts and fairy tales she herself made up and wrote down for if Tiara was ever interested.

Her Magic and desire to become a Dragon:
Tiara was so much more focused on magic than on actual studying that her spell abilities are beyond her actual fighting skills. That's not to say she's a pushover but she uses her magic in order to fuel her ability to fight to the point where it's a necessary aspect. She has a major affinity to fire and is working on a mastery of using fire as a skill. The primary uses she has for it is breathing fire, lighting her weapon on fire, and steadily raising the temperature around her. Her firm belief that she's a dragon is what inspired it but seeing how amazing her Papa was at using the magic he did made her want to do more.

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