Nadia Picture

Biographical information
1994, Brazil
Perpetual age
Created by
Physical description
Hair Color
Pale blonde
Eye Colour
 Scarlet
 Black (when thirsty)
Family Information
Family members
 Nahuel (spouse) [link]
 Myrta (adoptive mother)
 Unnamed parents †
Special features
 Basic skills vampire
 Self-control
Special abilities
Advanced intuition
 Myrta Coven
 Nahuel
 Huilen

Early life

Before birth Nadia, her parents had made a deal with a vampire named Myrta. Instead of making them one of the wealthiest families in Chisinau (Moldova), they would deliver to the first daughter Myrta had. When Nadia's mother became pregnant, moved to Brazil forgetting the promise. They bought the best coffee plantation in the Paraiba Valley and eventually gave birth to a child when its shares soared. But Myrta belonged to a clan of fierce warriors, they would kill any man who defies or breaks his word. Followed them and ended their lives to claim agreed. Back at home cared for Nadia as his own among his other sisters. The female vampire made her will every night between dusk and dawn, only men hunted harder and danced with them through the seduction until weakened fell dead because they can not keep up. Their rites decreed drink the blood of the young with more stamina to become stronger. Of all its members, Nadia was the only one to develop a special talent, which was very useful to know Myrta dangerous marauders in their territory. Over time, a hybrid-vampire named Nahuel, and aunt Huilen visited their land. Nahuel was believed Huilen slave of their customs, sympathized with other females. Then when they let down their guard, Nahuel could be explained. They had never heard of the existence of someone like him, not even the nomads of way. Nahuel, intrigued, stayed some time with them, knowing them and being interested in their ways. The more it was close to Nadia, grew a sense of the way. Myrta was aware of the situation and thought no way part with her beloved acquisition. But Nadia begged thanking their care over those years, pointing out that her affection for speaking your heart. They left with the blessing of the tribe, assuring that the visit from time to time without forgetting the importance that is a promise to your code.

Physical description

Physically, Nadia is never completely described, but it has been noted that she is very beautiful. She has scarlet eyes because she lives on a diet of human blood. She also has hair that is "long, pale blond, straight as corn silk," and is 5'2" ft tall. Her voice is as beautiful as your image.


She is very observant, almost always on alert although do not feel anything. Has a strong belief in right and wrong.

Powers and abilities

Nadia always had a strong sense of the presence of evil.


Advanced Intuition is the gift of Nadia to be very aware of your surroundings. She can feel when something is about to happen before it happens. Feeling danger, if someone is around or on their way to she.

 Predict an opponent's attacks and dodge the attacks in time.
 Predict when are where an opponent's will look with she.

Similarities and limitations

Intuition is a limited form of precognition, the power of Alice Cullen. Based on feel without seeing what happens.


Nadia did not have much awareness of their parents when Myrta took over she. So she has always seen Myrta as a real mother and the rest of her coven as sisters.

Nahuel is the Nadia's mate, they married after Nadia left the coven of Myrta. Nahuel and his aunt Huilen originate in Mapuche territory (Chile). Now they all live as a family of nomads.


 Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis (sometimes spelled Myrta) is a character from the famous Romantic ballet, Giselle.

 The Veelas are ballerinas-demon of slavic mythology. Men who are seduced may die in his arms.

Inspired in the images of Nikola94 [link]

Actress: Isabelle Drummond.

Background by google.

Photomanipulation by me made with Photoshop.

Hope you like it. Any comment is Welcome
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