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new fursona
don't kill me pls
well could you at least wait until i have drawn refs for all my characters??
i know i already have Charlotte, but she just doesn't fit right i guess
i'll still keep her bc i love her like a child, but I might revamp her




fifteen years old

dog; akita inu

date of birth
February 4, 1999 (Aquarius)

physical description
5'3" height, weighs 92-107 lbs. small body frame, weak and tires out quickly

significant other

sexual/romantic interests
asexual, demiromantic. she is super afraid of sex and sexual situations, so she usually avoids the subject. can develop crushes for others of the same gender, but will only date the opposite gender bc she's scared.

shy, open-minded, somewhat awkward, sensitive, a little bit dense, lazy sometimes, creative, sometimes naive but can also be wise, independent but clingy at the same time, can be quiet or loud, stubborn, polite, cold/distant/sulky when she is angry or sad, forgiving of friends but can hold grudges for a long time, can be energetic/excitable/hyper, helpful, imaginative, sweetheart, generous, passive-aggressive, self-conscious, anxious, eccentric, sentimental, sympathetic/empathetic, sensible, serious but can be silly as well, quite a hoarder (example: has 165 characters and doesn't want to let any of them go), good listener, can be whimsical and friendly, thoughtful, paranoid, apologetic, timid

- Godzilla/Godzilla movies
- AriZona tea (sort of addicted)
- music
- drawing, sculpting, painting, etc.
- her characters //kicks down the fourth wall >D
- animals, dinosaurs, and monsters
- kaiju
- food and sweet treats (not too sweet though)
- creepypasta, paranormal/murder investigation documentaries
- clothes, accessories, and hats
- helping, contributing
- her possessions
- her friends <3
- videogames
- colors
- nature
- rain, stormy/gloomy days
- daydreaming
- spending time alone, but enjoys being around her friends as well
- cold weather
- art
- different cultures
- mythology
- staying inside
- plushes
- pets
- taking baths/showers
- relaxing

- being yelled at, arguing, being picked on, negativity from others, etc
- not being able to help
- tight/showy clothing
- being seen crying
- being in overcrowded areas
- being pressured
- reality/drama shows
- breaking rules
- being loud or obnoxious, annoying people
- bugs (afraid of them, but will observe them behind several layers of plexiglass or look at pictures of them. she hates most biting/flying bugs)
- being dirty
- coffee (with exceptions)
- sex/suggestiveness/graphic nudity
- use of her stuff by others without permission from her
- hot weather, being hot and sweaty
- embarrassing herself
- not being productive
- being messy and impolite
- being mean
- perverts
- natural and man-made disasters
- drug abuse and alcohol
- domestic and animal abuse
- loud noise
- being completely alone
- darkness (afraid!)
- horror movies (with exceptions)
- spending too much money
- disorder
- being poked, touched, etc (w/ few exceptions)
- being lied to/manipulated

facts + misc info
- insectophobia, bipolar disorder, ADD, social anxiety, insomnia. has episodes of crying every now and then
- multiple nervous habits: nail-biting/chewing the skin around her nails, pacing, hurting self (not drawing blood), chewing the skin inside her mouth/biting her lips, popping her knuckles, clapping,
- facially expressive
- she has trouble approaching people, making friends/keeping those friendships close, and starting + keeping conversations going
- she collects Godzilla movies (18/28 official)
- gets flustered/embarrassed easily, especially of herself in any way
- she keeps details, lists, and information in her notes
- she is not very proud of herself and thinks her future is doomed
- she shares her love for Godzilla with a few of her friends
- certain materials make her skin crawl
- can be drawn as a male
- large eyebrows
- clothing style varies; usually wears oversized/loose-fit clothing, flannel shirts, sleep pants, jeans, leggings, sweaters, sometiens skirts, and graphic tees. wears dresses on special occasions, tank tops for sleeping/around the house/under jackets.
- startled easily
- hair is naturally curly, sometimes straightens it
- insecure about her body and face
- slightly nearsighted, occasionally wears glasses
- meows a lot, also imitates other animal sounds


so she's basically me B)
and yes i know, i drew Foo really chubby i'm so sorry |'D
i bet a lot of you guys were like tldr, i apologize for the huge chunk of words v v"
but if i can think of anything else, i will add more
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