Xiamus -adpot- Picture

-hoping to adopt from =WrathOfNessis
I started this pic some time back, but it seems that alot of my time was taken up, and now I face the deadline. Ackt, hope this does him justice! Still not really comfortable with detailed backgrounds :/

Name: Xiamus [pronounced Zeye- mus]
nickname: Xia-Xia, or just Xia.
Gender: stallion
Age: estimated to be around 5
Breed: warm blood cross, part unicorn (1/3)
Height: 16.4hh
Build: warm blood

Personality: For being considered an outcast for so long, Xiamus has been angry for the longest time. At first meeting, he doesn’t take well to others- he puts up an offensive aggressive front, where really he’s rather afraid. However, if given the chance- he can warm up rather nicely to different horses, depending on their personality. He’s not a food hog either, but rather active, and seems to have a bit of an ADD spell about him. He’s highly curious, but with discipline and put in the right set of mind, he’s sure to acceded at whatever task he’s put up to.

Histroy: Out of the lands of the southeast US, there were several herds of equine species that roamed, both known and unkown by humans. One, a wild mustang heard- was practically created by man, as he freed his horses that he could no long take care of, or those that did not meet the breed standards. Another, was a unicorn herd that kept to themselves deep in the woods of the south.
Every now and much to their dislike, the two herds would collide- and occasionally mix, resulting in halfbreeds. The purebred were very discriminate, and looked down upon those with the least unicorn blood- but did not exile them, as long as they possessed at least some “magical power” (this being mythological unicorn power- ability to read one’s thought, agelessness, self-healing powers, ect). It just so happened Xiomus’ mother, Balinda; was one of those “half breeds”, who really had no important part of the herd.
Every now again, the two herds would cross- and when they did, Balinda came across a mustang to her fancy. After the two herds departed once again, four seasons passed and a new colt was introduced to Balinda’s herd. At first, he was thought to carry no magic- he didn’t possess a horn of any kind. The only thing that intrigued the herd was his striking lightning-stuck coat. This didn’t keep him from being taunted from the others, they were cruel and unkind- it only angered the young colt.
The rules were clear- and at five months old with no horn, Xiamus was banished.
Angry and confused, Xiamus wondered about the lands, roaming around and galloping under the stormy nights. Wondering the beaches, the stallion soon became an unofficial part of the SlvH unrestricted herd, and slowly his trust began to grow for the humans that tended it.

Passable traits: some sort of lightning bolt mark, a dark coat, 50% of light eyes. Offsping will not have any magical abilities unless the dam herself possesses powers, will not have a horn unless the dam does (even so, the offspring may not possess a horn or powers, however the chances are higher).

Available: no

Design: =WrathOfNessis
lightning brushes *redheadstock
character development and art: me
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