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Speaking seriously now, I had started with a single drawing but I just could not stop man my tabley was on fire. So I had to put everything on paper. Or rather, in bytes. (chuckles)

Chou is my rp character in Persona Heaven. She is the former leader of a gang inside Nikawa who is trying live normally with her family again. She finds some serious problems along the way however, making her to dance on the thin line between a peaceful, blissful life that she so much desires or protecting what she thinks is right while threatening to collapse everything she has built to date. If luck will smile at her? Who knows ...


Name: Hideyoshi Chouko ( 秀吉 蝶子)(aka: Chou)
From japanese秀 (hide) "esteem, excellence" combined with 良 (yoshi) "good" or 吉 (yoshi) "good luck"and 蝶 (chou)"butterfly" and 子 (ko) "child".
Arcana: Fortune
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Birthdate: November, 14
School Club: Arts, Swimming (...she is bad at it)
Job: She helps occasionally at the family's sushi bar at Kanzan.
Hair: Short, silver-ish. (originally black)
Eyes: Deep Cyan. (Lens. They are actually gray.)
Build: Skinny
Voice: A bit deep, commanding. Makes some jokes from her do not sound that much like jokes from time to time ...
Height: 1.72m
Weight: 63kg

Clothing/appearance: Has something eternally adorning the hair. Uses many patterns, especially stripes and plaids, and likes to wear clothes with very bright colors.

Inventory/accessories: Portable video-game, small white earphones, cell filled with glitter stickers.

>>>>Persona Name: Itzpapalotl (Itzpapalotl's name can either mean "obsidian butterfly" or "clawed butterfly")
>>>>Persona Background:In Aztec mythology, Ītzpāpālōtl was a fearsome skeletal warrior goddess who ruled over the paradise world of Tamoanchan. Some of her associations include birds and fire. She is drawn as a feminine-looking creature with butterfly wings. Her fingers tapered into the claws of a jaguar, and her toes into eagle's claws. She also wore an invisible cloak so that no one could see her.

Chou spends most of the time acting as what would be expected of an exemplary daughter: She tries to convey the idea of someone humble, polite and delicate. But really, she despises having to do this and the society that forces her to be this way. Often she looks around and feels that people like who she pretends to be, and not who she really is. She spends much time trying to ease her frustration performing activities that she normally would do when nobody is looking, like playing her video games, drawing not so fluffy stuff, speaking loudly, being ironic, listeing to rock and acting like herself when her brother Otani is around.

There is one habit, however, so intricate in her personality that she never really got rid of it: she tends to make fun of almost everything and everyone (including herself). This is sometimes misunderstood, especially when she does not think a bit before saying. But in her mind, she just does it with what she likes. "If I poke you, I like you. What's wrong about that?"

In reality, Chou is a very joyful girl, who hates feeling trapped in standards and loves to make others laugh (in a slightly acid way...). She greatly admires beautiful things, and will often stop to look at anything that catches attention. She is also very competitive and difficult to retreat if challenged (...but she will not play the stupid one.) When she sees people she considers as friends having problems, she will be first one helping, no matter how. That often put her in a really tight spot, and she knows, but it's so worth to make her friends truly happy.

When she is scared or angry she often will try to win it by answering back as best she can (and here she'll put the whole I'm a cute girl facade aside). If that does not work, her punch will do the talking for her.

>>>Likes: Spicy food, animals (ANY animal. Really. Like... Snakes. Yeah.), cosplay, comics, technology events (technology~!), play the her video game, sleeping anywhere, the stars, winter, amusement parks, arcades and karaoke.

>>>Dislikes: Too fancy stuff, too sweet stuff, gossip, waking up early, horror movies (...the irony), boats (...seasick. *burp) sticky people, too much PINK!

>>>Ambitions/Goals: Becoming a shonen mangaka.

>>>Habits/Mannerisms: Scribbling in just about any place when she is bored (she draws up her own arm if there is not paper. Made her family freak out once thinking it was a tattoo.), climbing trees, spending almost religiously her day looking around her favorites electronics shops and bookstores. Also, there is a very high chance you will find her playing with her video game if you stalk her. Hides the fact that she likes many things that usually only boys like.

-her father, Hideyoshi Kotaro
The restaurant's chef and Chou's father, was never seen in western clothes. He looks like a caring father... Who likes to play tricks on his friends. Still, he educates his children with the discipline of a samurai. For him, things like honor and order are very important.

- her mother, Hideyoshi Nadeshiko
A humble woman who always wears a yukata when at home. She was educated to serve her husband, and this can sometimes be seen as her weakness in the face of his will. She treated Chou's wounds for a long time, to hide them from Kotaro and Otani. She wants her daughter to be happy, even if not among them.

- her brother, Hideyoshi Otani
He inherited a taste for pranks from his father. Is extremely stubborn and will do anything to get what he wants. Still, he is a good kid. He loves video games and superheroes and perhaps that's why he thinks that 'yankee-onee-sama is so awesome'. He even used to help her to climb to the window of her own room when she came home late.

"The pack"
A gang that patrols the border between Kanzan and the districts of Noukonku and Sakiyama. Most of them wear military style clothes or plenty of leather, but they all have the same silver-toned hair.

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