[BLOOD OF FAY] MAIN CAST (description has details) Picture

and here it is! The main cast for my other main original project for this account. If all goes according to plan, I'll be able to turn this into a visual novel! I could say plenty here, but I may as well cut to the chase.

You play as Avery, set in a modern world where humans co-exist with elves, fairies, vampires, demons, wizards/witches and so on. In this world, in order for demons to fit into society without transforming into bloodthirsty monsters, they receive a weekly supply of blood donated by the fairies. However, three years ago, fairy settlements scattered across the major country of Conexus came up a severe attack, causing a massive wipe-out of the fairies. Because of this, demons who aren't getting a substantial supply of blood are turning crazy and all fairy survivors (female especially) are being captured and forced to become slaves to the demons. The princess of the fairy kingdom, Ciara Fay, in order to escape that fate, clips her wings and changes the rest of her look entirely to pass as a cross-species fairy-human boy named Avery Carnelian.

Avery manages to escape to a small island community set in the Archipelago of Tempora Mutantur, where nobody finds out their identity. They start a new life there, safe from the crazy events going on in Conexus since the wipe-out of the fairies. The island, known as the Isle of Sands, is well-protected from the demon monsters thanks to a squad set up by Cirino Wisteria in order to eliminate them. The other members of the group, known as the Sand Shield are Simone Papaya, Ravi Saffron, Niklas Mint and Petra Zaffre. At first Avery views them as the island's 'celebrities' for the next three years, not getting to know them. But when Avery's past starts to catch them up, their true identity as Princess Ciara Fay gets exposed to the Sand Shield, who allow Avery to join the group.

In this game, you learn more about this world, the different species and the role they play in this setting. Not only that, but you, the player, can choose what gender Avery ultimately identifies as. Avery is also canonly pansexual, having the option to pursue any member of the Sand Shield as a love interest. There is also a mystery route character.


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