My Teen Wolf OC Picture

I am right now obsessed with MTV's Teen Wolf so i created my OC (i do not own Teen Wolf or its characters, i only own mine)

Name: Luna Marie Blackwell

Nicknames: Lulu (only her father calls her that), Freak (the girls at school call her), Tiny Tits (again, what girls call her)

Meaning of Name: Moon

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Race: Human (through episodes 1-4 on season 1)

Religion: Wiccan

Bloodlines: Native American(Father), German, Italian, Irish(Mother)

Bloodtype: O

Born: October 31, 1993

Star Sign: Scorpio

Time/Week: 11:59 pm on a Monday

Born Where: Valtez, Alaska

Current Living: Corona, California

Height: 5'4

Weight: 150 ibs (mainly on leg area but some chub on her belly and upper arms)

Skin Color: Light- tannish coloring (being a mix between American Indian and German)

Hair Color: Pitch Black

Hair length/Style: Her hair reaches to the end of her back and is naturally straight

Eye Color: Light Blue (from her mother)

Breast Size: A (actually quite small for her age, why some of the girls tease her about it)

Body Accessories: A metal eyebrow hooped piercing on her right eyebrow (got it done when she was 16) and a tattoo placed on her bottom back (she got the tattoo when she was 14 and been wanting one for a long time, but her dad refuses for her to have one so she convinces Stiles and Scott to take her to the tattoo place to have it secretly done. So the guy asks her her age, she lied saying she was 18 and her dad was allowing her to have one. So, the guy was a little drunk and was stupid enough to accept it so he inked her on the bottom of her back but of course made the boys leave and ever since she has been hiding the tattoo from her dad and adults that know she made Stiles pay for it as well).

Body Type: Average

Clothing Preference: Tom-boy/Gothic/Punk-Rocker

Appearance(what she mainly wears): A black Jack-Skellington sweatshirt with black and white pattern on the botton (she constantly wears on a daily bases. she recieved the sweatshirt from Stiles on her 12th birthday and since then never really took it off except for showering and bed. And she always has to wear the hood. She mainly wears long ripped jeans either denum or black that covers at least half of her shoes and of course torn and dirty. She will never EVER wear short skirts or short shorts mainly because she does not like her body at all and her thights always get to her, so never reviel's her legs. The shoes she mainly wears are old worn-out black and purple converse.
She wears a plain fake silver crecent moon necklace that was her mothers and was given down to her when she was 10 by her father. And a wolf's tooth with black and red beading that was her grandfather's (on her fathers side) by her father when she was 11. She wears these necklaces every day even in shower and bed. She wears black eyeliner and paints her fingernails black.

Personality: Determined, Persistant, Pushy, Aggressive, Impatient, Easily Annoyed, Bad Tempered

Mother: Anina "Lidamann" Blackwell-Born and raised in Germany and is the eldest child out of her 2 brothers Jakob and Isaia and 1 other sister Corina. Anina has blonde curly hair that comes past her breasts with light blue eyes and pale skin. When Anina was 9 her father Jack Russo divorced her mother Katarine Lidamann and she had to raised all 4 kids on her own. Her father Jack was 40% Irish mixed and 60% Italian. And her mother Katarine was 100% German. Anina's grandfather General Han Lidamann served Hitler in World War 2 as a SS NAZI soldier plus was given an honor of actually meeting Hitler in person plus was given the title as General by Hitler. Han married Anina's grandmother a German woman named Hanne and had one female child named Katarine. But in 1944 Han got sick with typhoid and within a few months of having it he died on April 3rd 1944.
Anina's father Jack Russo was born in Italy. He comes from a very large Italian Catholic family his father Carlo and his mother Marie. He was the 4th child born out of 6 siblings Carlos, Isabella, Anetta, Bianca, Daniela and Elena. Jack came to Germany about 7 years after the war was over and he met Katarine and fell in love with her. He stayed in Germany for 2 months till his time was up there and he wanted to take Katarine with him but she refused because she did not want to leave her mother alone because of what was happening to Germany and since they lost the war. So Jack decided he will stay with her and help her support her mother and leaving his entire family behind. Within 3 weeks into their relationship Katarine concieves Anina and gives birth to her on August 9th 1978. Then when Anina was 3 Katarine had her twin boys and when she was 11 Katarine had her daughter. When Anina was 13 her mother caught her husband in bed with another woman and of course completly devistated her. Week later Jack felt guilty and was the one who wanted the divorce, so thats what he did and moved back to Italy. When Anina at the age of 19 she went to a University in Germany and studied for 3 years and took a career in fashion and it became her passion as well. She was then promoted when she was 23 and was sent to the United States in Alaska. So she said her goodbyes to her family and took the flight. She moved into a small cottage there and settled right it, but did really miss her family so everyday she would send them a letter and for about a week she would recieve one back. About a 6 months living there, going on her everyday routine getting up at 5 in the morning and heading for work while buying a cup of coffee on the way there. Walking through the streets she would usually go she bumped into a rather dark complected, large in muscle young man just around her age and accidently spilled her coffee on her blouse. Then looking into each others eyes appoligising frequently and laughing a little. But she has never in her life ever seen a man with that color skin before and long hair as well. Then the man asks if he can walk with her to where ever she is going, she agrees and they walk and start talking and laughing and he asks her for her number and Anina gives it to him. Within 3 months the young man and she quickly become best friends and he tells her his name, William, and everything seems perfect but sometimes he acts really strange especially on full moons and that concerns Anina deeply. She sends letters to her family back in Germany still mainly telling them about William and how much she likes him and wants to be more than friends. Now within 6 months William and Anina become alot closer and have kissed for the first time and have had a few sexual expieriences but William stops her everytime when she takes it too far. On the night of the full moon, of course William is acting really wierd and just takes off out of her home. So Anina follows him into the woods and right before her eyes he starts to change into a wolf like monster which terrifies her and she runs just in time before the transformation takes total effect. And all night, she could not sleep at all thinking about what she has seen and at the same time worried about him. He then came back then next morning and of course Anina being terrified he told her everything..that he is a werewolf and was born one, his entire family is a pack of lycanthropes. At first she does not believe him, but she remembers last night and is 100% ok with it. Ever since hearing Williams secret, things havent even changed in their relationship he infact shows her the rest of his family, his pack and they immediatly accept her. A year later William proposes to her and ever since the proposal she no longer writes letters to her family and within the following 4 months they get married and now a member of the pack and now named Anina Blackwell. On the night of their honeymoon Anina does concieve but very roughly and painful since Williams wolf side was taking over and his human side was trying to control it, but couldent and knew that he has just made the biggest mistake of his life. Throughout Anina's pregnancy has been nothing but painful and uncomfortable and finding out from the pack that they can sense at least 4 heartbeats inside of her womb. Then at least 12 months later she finally goes into labor and the entire pack is ready for the arrivals, but Anina's labor is too hard that she at least lost half of her blood and when it came to birth she lost more and she gave birth to a baby girl which William named her Luna after the moon. But then 5 minutes after Luna's birth Anina dies and the pack tries to save the remaining newborns but the 3 boys have died from loss of oxygen.

Father: William Blackwell- Born and raised in Alaska and is the only child born of the alphas. William is pure Native American with long black hair, dark eyes, redish skin and built with muscle. He is the only son of the alpha male and female. And his family may be the last of the American Indians left in the world, that is pure blooded. He comes from a family of Lycanthropes/Werewolves and usually the alpha male is in charge. His pack consists of an alpha male and female his mother and father, 2 beta males, beta female and 3 delta males and all pure natives. The 2 beta males are Williams uncles and the beta female is his aunt, mate of the first beta male. And the 3 delta males are his fathers nephews, Williams cousins. The Blackwells are a very cultural family, trying to keep their culture alive and living far away from civilization and plus, since being what they are they rather prey on wildlife animals rather than humans and drink from the rivers. But sometimes William does come into the town just to walk around but on that one day as he was he bumps into this young blonde woman and accidently making her spill her coffee on her blouse. (ok just read the part in Luna's moms story, about William and im going to the part where Luna was born). William was of course devistated about loosing his mate and sons but he then puts his focus to his newborn in his arms and for weeks the pack has been helping him against grieving and help raising the newborn especially his mother. A month since Luna's birth, the packs males go hunting for wildlife while Williams mother and his aunt stay to watch baby Luna. Then as the males were hunting they were also being hunted by a family of werewolf hunters..the Argents. The Argents managed to kill the two brothers but the rest have captured except Willam has managed to get away. The Argents make their way to the packs home and kills the packs females inside but the huntress spares the infant in her cradle since knowing that without her family the child will never make it, and the hunters leave burning the bodies of brothers and the 2 females. William manages to come back and finding the burnt bodies of his pack mates, he now in total shock starts crying and being in so much anger forces him to turn but then quickly realizes that perhaps his newborn is alive so he returns to the house and hearing the newborn crying completly calms him and he returns normal now crying with joy and picking up baby Luna in his arms. The next day he leaves Alaska and aboards a plane to California with a help of a friend from town, hopefully to get away from the hunters and to raise his daughter safely.
Pets: 2 German Shepards (male and female) named Beauty and Beast

Siblings: Blake, Mitchell and Kurt (have died)

Grandfather(moms father): Jack Russo

Grandmother(moms mother): Katarine Lidamann

Grandfather(dads father): Jacob Blackwell

Grandmother(dads mother): Marissa Blackwell

Aunts (moms sisters): None

Uncles (moms brothers): None

Aunts: (dads sisters): Willow

Uncles: (dads brothers): Kyle and Dustin

Luna's Childhood: Throughout childhood Luna has spend her entire life living in a small town in California living with her single father. As an infant she was of course beloved by alot of women because she was infant a beautiful baby and was never fussy either and was always smiling and cooing. But during childhood, she really wasnt your average little girl playing with barbie dolls or playing dress up or playing teaset but she was the type who would rather play outside in the dirt or mud or play with the boys and thats where she met Stiles when she was just 5 years old and they became very close friends, she met Scott when she was 7. Her father wanted her to be a little girly girl so me would buy her barbie dolls and baby dolls and little pink tootoo's but she would just end up coloring the faces of the dolls with magic marker. She was also the type to get into alot of trouble. When she was 3 she took her tube of diaper rash cream and covered herself completly and when she was also 3 she took perminate marker and colored the walls and her face with it as well and took at least a month for the marker to vanish from her skin. She was also known for capturing live worms and bringing them home or putting them in her pockets for safe keeping. She would also catch lizards and frogs, and also putting them in her pockets. When she came around the 3rd grade she recieved her first bad grade in school and ever since then, she has been getting them because of mainly not paying attention in class, acting rudely towards the teachers trying to impress her fellow class mates and almost always getting sent to the principals office. She is also the type to harrase the other students, mainly the nerds. But throughout her school years she has also been teased by 60% of the girls at school for being so diffrent from them and a few guys as well. At around the age of 14, most of the girls have breasts that at least show but Luna's does not at all and that is one of the main things she gets teased about. Plus she hasent even started her menstral cycle. But, through barely having any friends her true friends are Scott and Styles but to her they are her brothers always there to get her out of trouble and always got her back. And she has such a strong relationship with her father and her father absolutly loves her to death.
Interests: Drawing (mainly what she sees in dreams or fantasy things), Reading/Studying Mythology (studying Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons and all that stuff), Writing Poetry or short stories.

Likes: Hanging out with Scott and Stiles, Eating Food, Playing Video Games, Reading Comic books, Sleeping, Music, Harassing freshmen students (like giving wedgies, Wet Willies all that but she is never violent to them like most bullies, shes more of the welcome to high school and here is what to expect plus the current nerds to), Watching Invader Zim or other cartoons, Zombies
Dislikes: Lydia Martin, Preps, Girly-Girls, Rap Music, Smart Asses, Wanna-Be's, Whine Asses, Cry-Babies, Drama, People who mess with her and her friends, Show Offs, Her body (she thinks shes too fat), Sluts/Whores, Snobs,

Favorite Colors: Black and Silver

Favorite Song: Thiller by Michael Jackson

Favorite Animal: The Wolf

Favorite Foods: Baby Back Ribs, Nachos, Tacos, Steak, Chili, Slim Jims, Beef Jerky, Bacon

Most Favorite Movie: A Nightmare Before Christmas

Most Favorite Band: Rammstein

Favorite Bands/Singers: Disturbed, Rammstein, Godsmack, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Static-X, Korn, Type-O-Negative, Three Days Grace, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Nervana, Stone Temple Pilots, Phil Collins, Rob Zombie, Impaled, Seether, Cradle of Filth, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Celine Dion, Motorhead, Slayer, Linkin Park, Creed, Breaking Benjamin, The Bloodhound Gang, Lordi, Drowning Pool, Zombie Girl, Michael Jackson, 3 Doors Down, Elton John and movie or tv show soundtracks

Favorite Movies: The Lion King, Alien Vs Predator, Beavis and Butthead Do America, Dawn of the Dead 2004, Predator 1-2, Alien 1-4, The Phantom of the Opera, The Lost Boys, Original Fright Night, The Return of the Living Dead, Zombieland, From Dusk Till Dawn, Ghostship, House on Haunted Hill Re-make, Underworld 1-3, Polterguist, The Hangover, Silent Hill, Dead Snow, The Masters of Horror Series, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devils Rejects, The Hill have Eyes, Friday the 13th movies, A Nightmare on Elm Street movies, Hellraiser movies, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, Halloween movies (especially Rob Zombies movie), Labyrinth, Queen of the Damned

Favorite genre of movies: Horror

Most Favorite Tv Show: Invader Zim

Favorite Tv Shows: Tales from the Crypt, Chowder, Adventure Time, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Estate of Panic, Survivor

Favorite Video Games: Dead Space 1-2, Call of Duty, Halo 2, Silent Hill 2, Left 4 Dead, Assasins Creed, AVP3, Predator: Concrete Jungle

Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Planet: Pluto (she was taught it was a planet and still believes its still a planet)

Place she has always wanted to visit: Transylvania

Favorite Flower: Lily

Favorite Mineral: Opal

Favorite Element: Water

Current School: Beacon Hills High School

Grade Year: Junior (she failed a year, so she is held back)

Current Grade: D-

Favorite School Subject: Art Class

Worst Class: Chemestry (teachers dislikes her big time and is that year she is in detention or sent to principals office, but at least she shares the same class as Stiles and Scott)
After School Activities: Martial Arts (which she actually enjoys) and everyday watch Stiles and Scott play lacrosse and is usually dependent on Stiles to take her home everyday.

Job: None

Other Info:
Smoking: Yes (started when she was 16)

Drinking: No

Drugs: No

Virginity: Yes

Medical Issues: No, except she sleepwalks and excessive nosebleeds

Ever Been in a Relationship: no

First kiss: No

Relationship Status: Single

Crush: Nope

Cell Phone: Yes, who dosent?

Car: Nope

Ipod: Yes again who dosent?

Relationships with the real characters of Teen Wolf (these characters dont belong to me, they belong to MTV)

Scott Mccall: Has been friends with him since the 4th grade. He is the person Luna is comfortable of going up to him and telling him everything (except for one huge thing) since he is like a brother to her. She is more than welcome to come into his house either he is home or not at home and its also alright with his mother as well. In fact being so comfortable with Scotts mom and knowing her most of her life she actually call her mom and thinks of her as her second mom (though she knows her mother has passed) and Luna is actually allowed to spent the night for as long as she wants, just as long as she sleeps on the couch and no smoking in the house. Scott is also the type that Luna can come and cry to and to tell him how she feels, which makes Scott feel special because Luna is absolutly not the type to cry or to tell how she feels, so he does his best to comfort her.

Allison Argent: When Luna first saw her coming to class as a new student all she thought was "oh shit, another one" but then seeing how Scott looked at her made her wonder since he has never looked at a girl like that before. But then they started dating and that made Luna a bit protective and a little jeleous because Scott and her always hang out together and they really are never appart. So Luna a couple of times have threatened Allison that if she ever hurt him that there is no forgiveness since Luna knows that Scott is a very sweet guy and he dosent need a girl whom is just like the rest of the girls at school, a bunch of whores. But then she noticed that Scott was so much happier than he has ever been so she had no choice but to accept her (later Allison and Luna do become close friends).

Stiles Stilinski: They have been friends longer than Luna and Scott have been. They meet when they were just in Kindergarden and ever since they have been really close and everyone thought it was cute that they have been close but with Luna she has not been very good with social skills so sometimes she would bully Stiles stuff like throw dirt in his face, making him eat bugs, poking him with sticks when he was little and she would get in trouble and end up in time out but as they got a little older he would take the blame for her. And through elementary school she would be same old, teasing him and friendly harrassing him which he does not like it at all but he is used to it and forgets about it. When Stiles Met Scott they immediatly because best friends making Luna feel a bit jealous but she gets to know Scott and now the 3 of them have become best friends. And now, now in high school Luna still harrasses Stiles the same old way but more diffrent as she is older now. He picks Luna up from school in his jeep and drops her off where ever she wants to get dropped of. And throughout these years knowing Luna, Stiles has grown a love for her but still cant decide if he loves Lydia more than Luna. But no matter what, Stiles and Luna have made a promise to eachother when they were little that they will stay friends forever and he intends to keep that promise. He knows Luna more than anyone else, even more than Scott.

Derek Hale: The very first time she met him with Stiles and Scott she knew that something was not right at all and she made the mistake of actually talking back to him and ever since them, she does not like him at all. And especially within a week of first meeting him he has sometimes been stalking her, like he knows something about her. He finds it amusing that she is trying so hard to be this big bad chick which in his eyes she is not. And now since he has been hanging around Scott alot makes her pissed but she tries her hardest not to show it but Derek Senses it and to him Luna is nothing more than a bother, but what he dosent know that she will soon be a very important person in his life.

Lydia Martin: The one person Luna does not like at all on this planet, let alone the entire universe. They have been enemys since the 2nd grade and till this day really hate eachother and it pisses Luna off that Stiles has a major crush on Lydia since the 3rd grade. Lydia is the main person whom is the one teasing her and the one who came up with the name "tiny tits." Plus it amazes people that Luna hasent beaten the crap out of Lydia already, since how she is. But throughout the end, Luna does seem to have the last word and the better threats.

Jackson Whittemore: Lydia's Boyfriend, Luna does not like him at. Sometimes just to be an ass, Jackson would come up to Luna pretending he is hiting on her and would just say something nasty to her and go back to Lydia and she would give a bitchy face at Luna and just walk away. He would give her a that whistle as she would walk by in the hallways, which would make the other students look at her and laugh a little causing Luna to become very angry. He one time after school while the other students and teachers have left hours ago and Luna was after school for martial arts class Jackson hid for Luna to come out and he forced her against a wall but she kneed him in the balls and ran. So to her hes just some perverted, lacrosse star wanna be asshole.

Mr.Argent: Never met him

Kate Argent: Never met her

Mrs. Argent: Never met Her

Sheriff Skilinski: Like a second dad to her. He is so used to her coming over that he thinks of her as a daughter..the type of daughter that he will never really want but still like a daughter.

Danny: Shes Always teasing him for being gay, or Luna dosent really know if he is gay or not but he sure acts like it in her eyes so she teases him for it and he dosent even care if she does. And the thing is, that he may be Jacksons best friend he does not harrasse her at all.

Coach Bobby Finstock: Luna finds him very...well, very much an asshole he even yelled at her for giving Scott some help with his Lacrosse throws..before he got so good. He even once made her get off the bleachers and play, proving to him about how good she is and he did a little trash talking back to her, she played and she made him eat those words.

Peter Hale: Luna met him when she was 11 after the accident at the Hale house and my father being so strong in his culture made a natural medicine to help ease the pain from his burns. When Luna's father had left the room, Luna sat on the bed where he was laying and started talking to him but then Luna's father came into the room and she left, never seeing him again.
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