ROTG: Xolotl Picture

(is still bad at drawing anthros)
In Aztec mythology, Xolotl was the god of lightning and death. He was also considered one of fire and bad luck. He was depicted as a dog, a monstrous man or a skeleton.
Here I depict him as an anthropomorphic dog with ancient accessories. He is the brother of my character Fortuna (seen here [link] ) and is a keeper of misfortune.
He intends for the best and only wants to be thought of in good light. Most people either curse bad luck or attempt to avoid it. He can also call thunderstorms and rain, which he finds do make some people happy. He tends to be a trouble-maker and can give Fortuna a run for her money. Overall, he only wishes the best but can sometimes be classified as a villain due to his quick to change attitude and his young age. He's feisty and mischievous as much as any little boy, and often puts his blame on others quickly. He does care about his sister, despite the two of them getting into fights and often will let her fix his mistakes.

Fur: His fur is a brown coloration. His lightning shaped mark is black. The markings around his mouth and eyes are yellow.
Eyes: His eyes are pure white, almost ghastly. They are encased in a skull-like black cornea.
Crown: His crown is made of stone, and the "horns" coming from it are white
Clothing: Inspired by this [link]
His necklace is made from beastly fangs.
Other accessories: His earrings are golden, he also has similar rings to his "sister" on his fingers. He does not wear shoes.

Background: Xolotl was a young boy in an Aztec village, who died during the sieges of Cortez who was very fond of his dogs.

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