cT- Zomorro Arslan Picture

Name: Zomorro Hesam Arslan

Age: 27

Birthday: October 23rd

Ethnicity: Persian

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10"

Archons: Athoth

Code: ZA-3236

Department: Medical

Tier: Tier I

Familiar: Queen Alexandra's Birdwing Butterfly

Speciality: Poisons and antidotes


  • Extended knowledge on toxicology and ability to create his own poisons and antidotes
  • Diligent with given work
  • Quite the green thumb


  • Burns bridges quick with those he disagrees with or finds he doesn't get along with
  • Hates to depend on others since he only had himself to depend on in the past. May agree to assignments too advanced for just him alone and be too stubborn to ask for help
  • Overly protective of himself that he often drives people away despite being fairly lonely (something he refuses to acknowledge)



  • Often has a smile on his face that lacks actual sincerity. Seems to be there just for show and makes him come off as snide.
  • Distrusting but likes to keep people close, mostly for reasons of self gain.
  • "Eye for an eye" mentality.
  • Relatively calm and collected man. When angered he's either passive aggressive or calmly malicious, depending just how angry he is.
  • If asked for an honest opinion he will give his extremely blunt view (while still giving that damn smile to boot).
  • He will go to extreme lengths to secure his job. He does not want to go through the similar feeling of never knowing where he'll end up again. Getting a secure job with Lethe Agency is the closest thing to a home other than his current apartment so he is not going to lose that anytime soon if he can help it.
  • While nearing his 30s, Zomorro is still pretty childish and still holds onto many things from his foster home days that hinder him in the long run.
  • He refuses to talk about his past and, in fact, if asked about his background, he will tell a completely false story to cover up his childhood experiences. This story does not involve his real family at all but an entirely made up one where he is the only child. The only ones who know his real past at the moment are those who have read his file and his interviewer.
  • Because he doesn't want anyone to pry into his past, he rarely will outwardly complain about topical issues lest it gain the attention of nosy individuals of just why he has certain outlooks on life.
  • Being a medic may seem to go against his selfish nature but he's in it for the science more than the moral boost of helping others. That and a part of him enjoys seeing the side effects of injuries and poison people experience while inflicted.


Zommoro's troubles began the day he was born.

With his birth causing the death of his mother, his father and older brother automatically developed a grudge towards him, more so his father. Begrudgingly raising the child out of responsibility, it wasn't until Zomorro began to show similar facial traits of his mother that his father grew more resentful and verbally abusive towards his youngest son, claiming he had selfishly stolen her life and face to live his own.

As the man's misery and delusion grew, Zomorro's father began to lash out violently towards both his sons, often breaking things in fits of anger and threatening physical abuse towards the two. Soon enough those threats became real, growing more intimidating each passing day to the point where Zomorro was in constant fear his father might try to kill him the next day. Neighbors eventually alerted the police when his treatment towards the children became obvious, services took the brothers away. Having no close relatives in the states or any clue where other family members resided, the two were put into foster care.

Zomorro and his brother's experience with foster care was an unhappy, long one though Zomorro would end up being in the program the longest. While taken away from their home due to maltreatment, the boys experienced more throughout the various homes they were assigned to such as forced servitude, mental, verbal and/or physical abuse, bullying or plain neglect. Only 2 out of the 11 homes Zomorro lived in would prove to be decent. Having no one for emotional support, especially his brother who hated and blamed Zomorro for the ruination of his life, the boy grew up very lonely and detached, unable to trust anything resembling possible companionship or general good will. He and his brother eventually were separated by the system at the age of 12, much to both their relief.

Early in his childhood, already feeling alienated enough by his own family and the various awful foster families, Zomorro began to see unnatural creatures slinking around the home, ones that none of his foster sisters and/or brothers could see even after he described the phenomenons to them. In turn, the children mercilessly teased or avoided him as the now labeled 'freak'. Desperate to understand just what he was seeing and attempting to reach out one last time, Zomorro allowed to trust this secret with his 5th family, who eventually sent him to be moved to his next home claiming his overactive imagination was too much to handle. With his last moment of exposed vulnerability dashed, the boy gave up on answers or support, trusting only himself from then on out. He also forced himself to turn a blind eye to the creatures that popped up in the corner of his eyes. After years of this practice, Zomorro succeeded in ignoring the sightings completely, even repressing the memories far enough back in his head to pretend it had only been part of a childhood fancy. Regardless, spurred on by these strange sights with no answers, he often looked into books or tv programs on the paranormal/mythology to see if they could offer some hints. While nothing was given, he did grow an interest in the subjects.

The longer he stayed in foster care and experienced the worst of different homes, the 7th one especially, the more Zomorro's mind began to turn to the thought of rebellion. Hitting the age of puberty at this point and growing frustrated at having to take his 'caregivers' abuse or running away from it, his high wired emotions considered the idea of poisoning his 'parents'; an act of justice after their indecency towards their children. Wanting to get the plan in motion, Zomorro began to research different types of poisons, where they could be found or how they could be created and which he could use to get away without being caught. The more he read on the subject though, the more he grew distracted from his vicious thoughts to the point where, while he still loathed the crueler foster parents, his feet had grown cold on the plan entirely. Unlike mythology, toxicology was something that caught Zomorro's interests more firmly, helping him get through each day and help him in the future.

Growing older and knowing he would age out of the program soon enough, not wanting to chance being homeless like many of his type often resorted to, Zomorro looked into scholarships that would allow him to go to college. After much dedication and work, he was accepted to go to a fairly decent school in New Hampshire where he eventually graduated with a double major in toxicology and nursing. Once completing a two year fellowship afterwards, Zomorro became board certified. Not wanting to be recognized or connected to his past, he chose to move to Basildon since it was a city nearby his past college, offering a new life and prospects.

Once there though, only carrying the money he had left given by the system, Zomorro found that despite his brief change of luck in the past 6 years, life was not going to be kind to him again. Having not networked enough during his student life and overestimating how many jobs would be open to people of his field, he found there were none at the time and the rent for his apartment would be due soon, taking a large chunk out of his already dwindling funds. Though he had worked so hard, it seemed the future he had dreaded of resorting to homelessness was becoming unavoidable.

One night, after a long day of asking around and researching for potential jobs, Zomorro had decided to take a longer route to his apartment, trying to prolong the inevitable surrender of his money. While weaving through the alleyways, it was then a scream sounded nearby. Thinking someone was getting mugged, the young man rushed to try and find the attacked man to help alone (not having a cellphone to call the police). Once turning the corner though, he was greeted at the sight of a bum being mauled and torn apart not by a fellow human but by a creature much similar to those seen in fleeted glances as a child. Momentarily frozen out of shock, fear, and that familiar overwhelming confusion again at just what he was looking at, the creature's attention quickly snapped to him until, Zomorro breaking out of his paralysis to run for his life, the creature chased after in pursuit.

Zomorro had been used to running; running away from his 'caretakers', from his crueler foster siblings, sometimes even from the homes themselves. With such experiences, he was nimble and swift enough to barely avoid the advancing creature's snapping maw in the maze of alleyways, dodging by just a hair at times. His luck was running thin and, right when the young man believed himself a goner, an outside force yanked him to the side and, right in front of his eyes, confronted the violent force, defeating it after an impressive short amount of time. Once peace officially had returned, the two catching their breaths, Zomorro began to burst with questions, even while still believing he would never get the answers he had seeked for so many years ago. Yet this time he actually got them. Granted, they were vague, but for once in his life the most jarring mystery in his life had finally been answered.

Having let his ability to see the creature be fully known to his savior, he was presented with a job offer much to his surprise. Still not fully understanding the answers he had been given at the time, letting the information soak in, the fact a job prospect had been offered to him was enough for him to automatically agree. If it meant not living in the streets, he would do anything, he could learn what he was signing his life away to.

With that, he began his life as an agent of Lethe Agency.


  • Poison
  • Plants/gardens/nurseries
  • Being in social environments, though enjoys observing more than interacting
  • Stability and order
  • Hairbands
  • Documentaries
  • Doing things out of spite towards his father, even though the man will most likely never see him again
    • Keeping his hair long so as to look more like his mother
    • Keeping his family's name


  • Intrusive individuals
  • Privileged whiners
  • His father and brother
  • Poor parenting
  • Sour or spicy things
  • Pity
  • Comedy and romance movies
  • Seemingly perfect, happy families

Additional Information:

  • He has a little pot of succulents at work that he likes to take care of while separated from his other plants
  • He always carries a bottle of ipecac
  • If he somehow is going to miss a day he will make damn sure someone waters his succulents
    • Don't harm his plants for the love of God don't harm his plants

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