Ben Halcyon - Reference Picture

Name : Ben Halcyon

Nickname(s) : None
Gender : Male
Age : 24
Date of birth : September 24th
Race : Half Human / Half Mage

Sexuality : Homosexual
Relationship status : Taken by Jasper (nyoomy)

Likes : Herbalism, studying, mythological creatures, cooking, cats, Jasper
Dislikes : Dogs, getting dirty, too bright places, Jasper playing with his hair

Story : Ben lived a quiet life in a forest in the mountains. He went to the nearby city now and then but usually stayed for himself. One day he found a small cat and decided to take it with him home as company, naming it Jasper. After a few months of talking to the cat, Ben stumbled upon a spell that could turn animals into humans. He decided to try it on Jasper and it worked – Jasper was now a human being, for the most part. They fell in love with each other and have been together for quite some time.

Extra Info :
- Can use magic based on earth and plants but isn't limited to only that
- His black eye is a battle wound

Ben Halcyon (c) Chriffer

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