DC - Concordia Destiny Picture

The Young Woman Who Believes in Harmony
Name: Concordia Destiny
Age: 25
Race: Human
Birthdate: AF 1982 May 31
Class: Archer
Occupation: Island Native, Animal Caretaker
Allegiance: None
Mother: Unknown
Friends: Isabella and Ewa
Likes: The breeze of the ocean, sweets, animals, fortune telling, and the Destiny Isles
Dislikes: Those who bring harm to her friends and the Isles, rodents, and fighting
Love Interest: Locke Fairfield
Weapon: Wings of Harmony (Bow and Arrow)
Concordia Destiny is a beautiful young native that lives in the Destiny Isles. She is a kindred spirit that will always stand against those who wish to bring harm to her friends and everyone around her. She is a kind of person who deeply values harmony, which her name has the same meaning. The name was given to her by her mother, whom she has no recollection of. Concordia also runs a refuge for abandoned pets with the help of her two childhood friends, Isabella and Ewa. They always poke fun at Concordia’s hobbies of fortune telling, saying that it’s a bunch of mishmash. Of all of the animals in the refuge, a blue spherical-shaped seal whom she named Seaal is her most loyal friend and even help around the house. The Destiny Isles where she is born holds a special place in her heart, though her surname is Destiny which it leads others to believe that her family founded the isles. She really loves the culture and the mythologies surrounding the isles and is willing to tell tourists of its wonders. Unlike the people of the Destiny Isles, Concordia has a unique ability to sense an impending doom and speak to people in their dreams. She tried to convince her friends about her strange powers, but they didn’t believe her. One night when she was wandering outside for some fresh air, Concordia came across a dark male silhouette. It gave her the shivers as she felt a sense of dread from the mysterious man. She also felt another evil presence heading its way towards the isles. Concordia tried to warn everyone, but no one would listen to her, not even her friends. So, she was forced to ask for outside help. She received a tip from a stranger about a group of mercenaries called “Destiny Core”, who will do any job. She quickly jumps at the chance to get in touch with them, but more importantly Locke, who she sees as a valiant soul who will help no matter what the cost. Concordia only hopes for her hero to arrive on the Destiny Isles to prevent the destruction that these interlopers will bring.
I rarely draw a dark-skinned woman, but Concordia looks very beautiful. This is most certainly a sign to come! Her character design is heavily inspired by Kahlua Shuzen from the manga, Rosario + Vampire. I really like the way she looks and her goofy expressions. Concordia is very loyal to her homeland and will stop at nothing to protect the Destiny Isles from evil. Her last name, Destiny implies that it is her fate to meet with Locke, though it has nothing to do with her ancestors founding the isles. I also found it to be cute for her to have a pet following her around and assist in solving puzzles and all that cuteness.
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