-SD- Drew the Cu Sidhe Picture

This is Drew O' Shire, my character in *Tyshea's Salad Days. If this drawing looks somewhat familiar, it's because I used him from my earlier deviation, Tyshea's Art, Drew, and Aria. I wasn't really in the mood to re-draw him just for a digitally colored picture. Ah, shortcuts. Anyway, I felt the need to make a character biography for Drew, since I've noticed a number of them on the Wormwood Project. It's very lengthy, but here goes.


Name: Drew O’ Shire
Age: 17
D.O.B.: April 12th
Gender: male
Grade: 10th
Favorite Subjects: Art and history, specifically ancient culture and mythology pique his interest in regards to the latter. Consequently, Drew’s rather fond of the Tunone brothers, Art and Tim.
Extracurricular Activities: Wormwood Art Club, Book Club, Soccer, and Orchestra

Race: Cu Sidhe: Literally meaning “fairy dog”, the Cu Sidhe would more appropriately be described as a phantom hound. About the size of a cow, this dog has deep green, shaggy fur and a long curled tail. The Cu Sidhe’s call traveled so far that it could be heard sometimes by men at sea. Like other supernatural creatures, it was believed by some to foreworn disaster or death, like the banshee. Accounts vary as to the nature of the beast. Some say it had a reputation of abducting women by night, carrying them off to its fairy mound, so farmers were warned to keep their wives and daughters safely locked inside. Others believe the Cu Sidhe to be more of a psychopomp, i.e. a Grim Reaper, who would appear to bear away the soul of a person to the afterlife. The Cu Sidhe appears in both Scottish and Irish folklore.

Drew, while being a Cu Sidhe, is something of a changeling in the traditional sense of folklore. Despite this phantasmal hound being his truest of forms, Drew more often appears human except for the dog ears and tail, which have become a permanent characteristic since his later childhood years. (you can read Salad Days: “Cooshie” for more details) Since Drew grew up in the appearance of a person, and was raised by human parents, it’s more natural to him. This capability to change forms is due in part to “glamour”, a supernatural phenomenon possessed by many of the fey folk.

But like the legends surrounding the fey, Drew shares their vulnerability to iron, despite having a higher tolerance to the mineral in human guise. He is also vexed by what’s known as the “troll cross”, similar to the nature of the vampire and crucifixes, with such a cross made of iron being the worst.

In the form of the Cu Sidhe, he appears just like in the racial description. Additionally, he naturally generates a mist across the ground, or any surface for that matter, be it indoor floors or water’s surface, which keeps growing and spreading. Similar to other spectral dogs of folklore, like the Mauthe Dhoog or Black Shuck, he has large glowing eyes of a pale green color. In this form Drew cannot speak, like any canine, but his mental faculties remain intact. His supernatural abilities are limited and stunted, likely due to Drew refraining from turning into the Cu Sidhe. To his knowledge, though, as the Cu Sidhe he can exercise some intangibility and levitation. Later on, Drew may discover other abilities that he is otherwise unaware of.

Physical Description: Drew is a young man of seventeen years of age and standing at a height of five feet, eight inches, with a lean but semi-muscular build. His hair, and fur, is a blend of brown and earthy green, including a well-trimmed soul patch. As mentioned before, Drew has a pair of dog ears as well as a curled canine tail. His eyes are hazel, a similar blend of brown and green like his hair.

Family: Drew’s family lived in Ireland up until the dramatic episode during his later childhood, resulting in their hurried journey across the Atlantic and settling in the States. (you can read Salad Days: “Cooshie” for more details) Between not having much money to begin with and the expenses of their emigration, they moved into a slightly rundown house in the poorer neighborhood of Wormwood, just bordering the woods and lake. Mr. O’ Shire took up a factory job in a nearby town, working hard hours that begin before sunrise and end late at night. Drew’s mother remained a homemaker, though having experience working as a grade school teacher before their marriage, and had home schooled Drew up until the move. After Drew grew into his teens, he started helping out at the factory where his father works, taking up a part-time job there during the summers.

Friends and Personality: Mint Talbot is Drew’s nearest and dearest, being the first to befriend him since the move to America as a boy and comforting him about his strangeness. Mint’s bubbly personality balances out Drew’s more serious demeanor. He regards Mint as close, maybe even closer, than family and has become quite attached to Mint’s many siblings, having none of his own. Likewise, Mint has become attached to Drew’s family, perhaps taking to Drew’s father in the absence of her own.

Aside from Mint, her family, and his, Drew isn’t particularly close to anyone else. Mostly he’ll keep to himself, kindly speaking in turn when spoken to, and helping when asked, but hardly speaks otherwise. Because of his quiet nature (that’s due primarily to his personal social anxiety), Drew’s developed a reputation as being “the silent type”, which leaves open a number of interpretations and ironically, as *Tyshea has stated, makes him fairly popular amongst the girls of Wormwood High. (though he doesn’t realize it) However, Drew has slowly been making friends as some have taken an interest in him. Like anyone, he'll warm up when the person is willing to make an effort to be friends.

As for the rest of the Salad Days canon characters, that is, Autumn, Ash, and Ren, he has come to identify with each of them. For Autumn, because of their phantasmal traits. For Ash, because of their weaknesses to a particular metal (silver vs. iron) and cross (crucifix vs. troll cross), which are different but similar. And for Ren, because of the myth of the Cu Sidhe being a Grim Reaper, and being the younger sister of Art and Tim. So Drew enjoys the company of the three girls, but tends to keep his distance unless invited or Mint is already with them. Again, Drew’s shyness, especially of the opposite sex, cannot be emphasized enough. This is especially funny, since he's kind of a ladykiller.

Though Drew doesn’t quite realize it, he’s the rival of Arden, the often hilarious harpy. Because of Drew’s close relationship with Mint, who happens to be Arden’s crush, he has unwittingly become “the enemy”. (read ~atmos00000’s SD: Winterball, specifically Arden’s “The Bachelorette” parody fantasy) Can we expect some shenanigans to ensue? Oh, yes. Oh yes, indeed.
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