Modern Merman to be Picture

Name: Glaucus Masciulli
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 182 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Sexuality: Straight
Martial status: Taken: Relana [link]
Ethnicity: Italo-American
Religion: Roman Catholic

Appearance: A young man with an average build- somewhat athletic- he swam competitively for thirteen years, but is no longer in shape. He has short brown hair that curls outward at about the brow ridge, on the right side of his head. He dresses in casual, comfortable clothing, usually monochromatic or band T-shirts, and jeans. He wears skateboarding shoes, though he doesn’t skateboard. On each wrist he has a black sweatband and he wears a small Celtic cross around his neck. He’s usually seen with a sketchbook, and pencil between his head and his ear.

Likes: Philadelphia, cheesesteaks, Italian food, rock n’ metal music, history, drawing, painting, writing, reading and the seashore.

Dislikes: Scientology, emo culture, self-proclaimed geniuses, atheist elitists and the far left.

Nicknames: Glock or Schules

Personality Glaucus is calm cool and collected, he has a quick wit and a good sense of humor. He’s a loyal friend, and he’s got a reputation as a good listen, and he often finds himself being asked for advice by his friends. He connects easily to other people’s emotions, and is usually a forgive and forget kind a guy. He gets defensive when questioned on his beliefs and will speak his mind if he feels he has been wronged. He’s basically like an older brother to Kejital, as he’s constantly getting him out of trouble, even though he’s actually younger than him. When He meets a girl he’s interested (at least the first time) he gets tongue-tied and has trouble expressing his thoughts- he usually stutters.

History: Glaucus was born in a suburb northeast of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Nicolo and Santa Maria Masciulli. His father owned a Photography studio and his mother was an illustrator for children’s books. From these Glaucus at a young age became interested in art, as well as mythology. He met Kejital at the impressionable young age of five, actually as the victim of a joke. They soon became friends however and stayed good friends through high school.
Kejital had a couple episodes, like otter fiasco and the hair changing scare, but Glaucus remained detached from the traumatic aspects. When College came around, Glaucus Got accepted to the college he had applied to, but opted to go to UNCW with Kejital for two semesters so he could keep an eye on him, and start his art history degree. He couldn’t have known exactly what Kejital was going to get him into.

On campus he met a nice guy, Charles Leferber, a sophomore on campus who showed Glaucus the ropes. He also taught Glaucus how to surf, and almost got Glaucus join the swimming team. Then he vanished. One day Charles disappeared. They found his board smashed in the rocks, and his clothing in tatters on the beach. He was concluded to have been killed by sharks or drowning, though his body was never recovered.

With such a prelude, Glaucus became much more focused on surviving campus life and going back to Pennsylvania for his last three years. Until that is, he met Relana. He fell for her rather quickly, and was surprised to learn she was rooming with Nuri, Kejital’s significant other. Kejital however got himself contaminated, and Glaucus had to teach Kejital as an otter how to swim until he changed back.
When Kejital shook his hand on the beach that day, Glaucus was standing in the water as Kejital finally changed back little did he know that soon he’d be in a similar situation. About two days after Kejital became himself again, Glaucus got large patches of dry skin throughout his body. These developed into scales, in the following weeks he grew gills, fins and eventually his hair changed colors and he grew a tail. But unlike Kejital his transformation became linked to tidal patterns and never differed from the one-merfolk form.

Father and Mother, Nicolo and Santa Maria, three sisters Nicola, Maria and Natalie.

Powers: Glaucus can turn into a merman based on tidal patterns, or external contact with water.
Well after a long while of nonexistence he's back, and he may look like Ageaus, but he's not the same person by any stretch. His merfolk form is still up in the air, when I finish it iI'll be sure to post it.

Last time he had an ipod he was an IoDM reject. Not so much now.

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