Drake Academy - Tahli Nura Picture

Name: Tahli Nura

Gender: Female

Species: Djinn

Age (as appears): 19

Age (true age): 150

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Light Brown

Height: 5’4

Weight: Varies

Skin color: Tanned


• Can grant wishes but if the person making the wish doesn’t specify their wish it may go horribly wrong but cannot grant a wish unless captured

• Fire resistant and can manipulate it to an extent as well as generate it

• Can create certain objects with magic but is very limited due to her not having a big grasp on her abilities she can create things such as: Pens, Pencils, Food, Clothes and such but sometimes she doesn't always get what she wants

• Skilled in Hand to hand combat


• Cold weather

• Being imprisoned in an lamp, bottle or jewel of some sort by a specific incantation who ever imprisoned her automatically becomes her master and she must give them 3 wishes if anyone decides to release them out at all

• Being killed by another Djinn

• Magic

• Djinn can be weakened by iron as in iron bracelets, horse shoes and so on.

Personality: She's independent, usually doesn't accept help from others but she can be friendly when she wants to, very cautious of people, very serious and rarely smiles, She has a warrior’s spirit so she is not afraid to fight unless completely necessary and is not someone to mess with, she takes precautions from being captured

Likes: Warm weather, Beef Jerky, Kids, Her Leather Bracelets, Water, learning new types of fighting moves, Boots, Hot or Spicy food and Ice cream

Dislikes: Cold weather, Being captured, Being forced to grant wishes, The season winter, Acting feminine and People who use big words

Fun Facts:
• On her wrists are tribal tattoo’s what look like ancient designs of fire that are only appear on djinn when they are a certain age the tattoo’s appear on a djinn’s wrist but not all will gain both tattoo’s on their wrists but 2 of them mean the djinn is more powerful not only do her markings symbolize her strengths and age but they also reflect her life force. if her life dwindles so do the marks

•Her Bday is March 26

Background: Ever since Tahli became of age she has traveled to the United States to show her family that she is able to be independent as well as a djinn living in the modern world. But being a djinn, she has been chased after by people who only want to capture her for her wish making abilities. Because of this, she takes extra precaution by covering the markings on her wrists and trying not to stick out. So she decided to attend Drake Academy to better her wish making abilities and to have a better grasp at using her fire powers so that she can’t be captured as easily.

Masters (people who have capture tahli):

• When Tahli was still living back home in the middle east of Saudi Arabia at the djinn age of 14 she was visiting the local bazaar exploring all the shops but stumbles upon a perfume shop the smells coming from the shop was intoxicating she sees the shop owner who notices tahli thinking she may be a paying customer showing her the different products the shop owner notices the tattoo on her wrist she leaves tahli and has a book that tells her how to capture a djinn she comes back into the room with an empty perfume bottle with the incantation on the bottom of the perfume bottle she opens the bottle and speaks the entrapment spell and tahli is captured for the first time

Wish 1. The shop keeper wished to be very rich and her shop was filled with riches

Wish 2. The Shop keeper wishes for men but she doesn’t specify what type of men and 5 mins after the wish is granted a band of thieves ransack the shop owners riches and after they leave the shop owner yells at tahli for what has transpired but she explain to the shop keeper that you didn’t specify your wish so you will not always get the desired results

Wish 3: For the final wish the shop keeper wished to be beautiful tahli grants her wish and later that night a man kidnaps the shop keeper and makes her a slave in the slave trading industry and the shop keeper is never heard from again and tahli is released from her perfume prision

• At the Djinn age of 16 Tahli was living in the city of London England for a little while before her departure to the united states she was walking through the streets when she accidentally bumped into a man by the name of Thomas Cunningham who is a mythologist from Edinburgh Scotland trying to find a gift for his Niece but he crosses path with tahli he at first apologizes for bumping into her but then notices something about her wrists for a split second but wasn’t sure if he was correct so he tailed her till she started to head towards a dark alley watching her every move and sees the girl create fire out of the palm of her hands and it proves his theory that this young woman is in fact a djinn the mythological being of the middle east a wish maker later that night Thomas researches the way to capture a djinn and writes the necessary incantations on his canteen and repeats the words for which to contain her he then follows tahli again the next day until he corners her in a secluded location and asks for directions and speaks the incantation and traps young tahli in his canteen Thomas then flys back to his home of Scotland where a couple days later his niece Elizabeth or lizzy as he like to call her came for a visit and it was her birthday the other day she had turn 10 and he said that he has a special surprise and he open the canteen and out came tahli the djinn and explained to lizzy that she is a genie and you get a wish

Wish 1: Tahli explains to Thomas that for lizzy to get her wish he must wish for me to grant lizzy a wish and he wishes it so

Wish 2: Little lizzy then thinks really hard and wishes she could see some real magical fairies and as the wish is granted Thomas and Lizzy could hardly believe their eyes real fairies flying all around them they starting messing with Thomas and lizzy’s clothes and limbs and such since fairies are a bit playful

Wish 3: Thomas was a bit unhappy with the results of lizzy’s wish since they didn’t expect for the fairies to act that way since they are depicted differently in tv then in mythology and lizzy demanded another wish and her uncle Thomas said no you only get one and tahli crossed her arms and watched as they argued she wouldn’t stop begging him and the words Thomas said were “I wish you would stop acting like a brat!” and when Thomas spoke those words little lizzy was transformed into a bratz doll and Thomas dropped to his knee’s crying begging tahli to change her back and she told him that she can’t do anything that he used his final wish and she is sorry that this happened it’s the consequences of granting a wish be careful what you say and she walks away

• At the djinn age of 17 tahli was living in a apartment in new york city and got a job at antique shop in Manhattan called Curio's Collectibles and Curiosities which was owned by a man named Antonio Curio a humble middle aged man who enjoys collecting old and bizarre items for his shop was kind enough to give tahli a job due to her needing money to pay for food and such but also he felt that tahli is a bit of an old soul that she has an appreciation for the bizarre and ancient one day mr curio went out to acquire some objects for the shop and left tahli in charge while he was gone she heard the front door bell ringing and saw an older gentlemen wearing a suit and tie holding on to a cane with ruby on it’s hilt the older gentlemen introduced himself as a Mr Stephen Asaph he told tahli that he was a collector of rare and “unusual” items but tahli explained to mr asaph that her boss would be back tomorrow with some new items for the shop mr asaph wandered around the room for a bit then went to the front desk to give tahli his card and write something in the back of it but had no pen he asked tahli if she had one and she said she does when she didn’t so she conjured a pen from under the desk and handed it to him mr asaph noticed a faint glow to the pen and thought it was a bit strange he handed her the card and gave her a smile and left but when he left he was very curious about tahli and something was different about so had two of his man follow her back to her apartment to keep a close eye on her and report back to him if they saw anything strange and or unusual the two men watched her carefully when they finally tailed her back to her apartment they noticed she was cooking over the stove but what they found odd was that what looked like a tiny little flame came out of her hand and into the stove and when she turn around she made a pad of paper and a pen appear of thin air the two men explained to their boss over the phone for what they had seen and when Mr Asaph heard of this there was a grin on his face and he told both his men to return the next day as tahli was closing the shop she saw mr asaph come out of his car with a couple men in suits she asked if he wanted anything but all he did was smile at her and say “I think I have found something I would like to acquire” he motioned for his men to go after her and when they tried to go after her she beat them to a living pulp not leaving one of asaph’s men standing on their feet asaph clapped both his hand and took out a little black book and raised his cane and spoke the incantation trapping tahli inside the jewel on his cane he returned to his home and rubbed the jewel on his cane summoning tahli to make his wishes

Wish 1: Asaph wishes that he was 25 years old again and his wish is granted Stephen Asaph slowly ages back to when he was 25 years old no longer the old man he just was

Wish 2: He admires tahli’s handy work and feeling rejuvenated as well as stronger then he was before he starts to think of his second wish “What do young men call them these days oh yes I wish for bitches” and as asaph made his wish there was a knock at the door and when he opened the door a giant horde of dogs came through and started tackling him and licking his face insanely and after 10 mins of the face slobbering they finally left the house and the young Stephen asaph was furious for how this wish turned out and tahli was saying how she has nothing to down with the turn out of his wish

Wish 3: Stephen Asaph thought very carefully for his 3rd and final wish and came up with a brilliant wish to make up for his last one “he wishes that he can leave his mark in the past and be remembered by all !” before the wish is granted tahli is freed from the cane and suddenly Stephen asaph vanishes before her eyes as if he didn’t exist tahli didn’t question the results of this wish and goes home to her apartment the very next day her boss mr curio had returned from his little trip and he puts the items that he brought back on the front desk the thing that makes her go a bit wide eyed is what looks like mr asaph’s cane which she had just seen yesterday but it didn’t look the same it had the same ruby but the cane was different it had ancient carvings on it and look warn out tahli asked mr curio’s to tell her about the cane he explained to her that in ancient egypt there was a stranger who came to Egypt with a army to try and take the pharaoh’s throne but was defeated by the Egyptian army and when he was the only one left they took the man before the pharaoh who sentenced him to be tortured and buried alive for his evil deeds supposedly the mummy is in the cairo museum she thought to herself how Stephen Asaph got his wish in the end but not how he wanted it to turn out

Drawing was done by the lovely
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