Grorn-The Series: Quing Picture

Personality: Quing is a regal creature, capable not only of higher thought and judgment, but even of having an opinion on things. The creature is very composed, seeking only what it needs, and seems to have no reason to attack humans outside of self-defense. It does have a slight pension for vanity, and doesn’t like getting its scales and feathers muddied or worn. This leads it to preferring moist habitats, which it will defend from encroachers.


-Extreme Endothermy: One of the most noteworthy adaptations of Quing and the primary reason he rose to such prominence in the age of dinosaurs is his ability to control his own body temperature. This can be used to survive in most known environs, from the hottest deserts to the coldest tundra. There are dangers that come from overuse, though, as shifting between hot and cold too quickly can lead to organ damage.

-Vapor Wave: Quing’s most distinctive weapon is an orally emitted blast of heavily concentrated water vapor, which may not initially seem deadly or even dangerous, but when coupled with his endothermic abilities it can be turned into a variable weapon capable of inflicting terrible damage, from frosty blasts capable of chilling the air around him by variables of 50 degrees, to superheated steam shots that can thoroughly cook targets. There are some drawbacks to excessive use of this, though, such as dehydration and disorientation, as well as internal organ damage from shifting temperatures too quickly.

-Regeneration: Another boon of surviving a battle with Grorn, Quing’s cells can regenerate at a heightened rate, healing wounds and negating the worst effects of his weaknesses.

-Vibro-Scales: A weapon gained after battling Grorn and wielded in modern day to great effect, Quing is able to vibrate the scales on his arms, legs and tail to a frequency allowing him to slice through skyscrapers and kaiju skin alike.

-Reflective Scales: An ability gained after battling Grorn in the ancient past and a counterpart to the vibrating ability, Quing’s scales are capable of redirecting energy attacks in any direction it so chooses to direct them

Origin: The draconian kaiju Quing dates back to a time man wasn’t there to see, a time of great turmoil and survival, the age of dinosaurs. He was among many of his kind, massive apex predators that possessed not only staggering size and a strong sense of family, but the gift of flight, something done long before that time, yes, but never for something so staggeringly huge. Yes, Quing and his progeny were the beasts that would be hailed down the ages as dragons. The creatures emerged from the area now known as the middle east, but took wing and found their way to most continents, quickly ousting the order of most ecosystems. They were well on their way to becoming the dominant life on the planet. Then Grorn appeared for the first time in countless ages, and began systematically eliminating the creatures from their occupied land. Quing was a young member of their kind at the time, and rashly attacked the life knight with little regard for his own safety. He took advantage of the outdated form of Grorn’s one weakness, being bound to the ground, and took wing, outmatching Grorn at every turn. Knowing when outmatched, Grorn took slumber, emerging from his core shell in a new, winged form, which he used to pursue the feathered fiend. The battle was a long one, with Grorn preparing to deal the finishing blow, but before the contest could end, something far more dire happened. A great ball of fire descended from the sky, one that would bring great turmoil for ages, and not only that, but it would also bring an unknown entity from beyond the stars. Grorn and Quing then found themselves allied against the alien menace, but the battle proved long and difficult, lasting many moons. Eventually, Quing would take a sacrificial road, immobilizing the alien long enough for Grorn to act with his Life Stream. The two monsters of earth and stars next knew sleep in the form of two mountains in what is now remote china, which still stand to this day. It is believed that ancient man once stumbled on the slumbering forms of these two creatures, and made them the subject of myth, but they would not be myth forever. The mountain could not contain them for all time. . .


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