Zachariah Avanth - MCA Application 2.0 Picture

Is that the laziest headshot or what.
omg I forgot his tail aha.a......
He will most likely be lurking in paragraph since I prefer that style over script.

..::Name::.. Zachariah Avnth

..::Age::.. 18
..::Gender::.. Male
..::Height::.. 6'5 ft/ 198cm
..::Weight::.. 170 lbs/ 77kg
..:: Orientation::.. He finds some men (extremely few) and most women attractive.

..:: Dorm::.. Onyx
..:: Classes::.. Disciplinary class, Physical training, Astrology & mythology, Magic combat.

..:: Skill::.. He can manipulate fire to do as he pleases. As long as his hands are dry, usually he wears gloves to keep them dry. He also needs a spark to light the fire and work from something, he usually carries a refillable lighter, and he smokes so he's usually got a light with him. Although he treats this ability rather casually, it literally burns out his stamina and if he uses it too much in one go it can make him lose consciousness. This doesn't mean it isn't any less dangerous to people he wants to hurt with his ability. He doesn't use it against others unless he's REALLY serious about harming them. He can burn himself if he loses control of the flame.

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