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Unfortunately, there wasn’t as much info about Mogwai on the internet as I’d have liked, so I made up a few things by using other sources concerning Chinese mythology and traditional beliefs on spirits. Pardon his looks (especially his face) reminding of a kuchisake-onna, but there's a reason for that (partly cuz I wanted to try creating a character with a Glasgow smile |'D).

Basic Information

Name: Li Suwen (family name – given name)

Nickname: Li (close friends may be allowed to give him nicknames)

Age: 129 | 24, appearance-wise

Gender: Male

Worker or Guest: Worker

Department: Kitchen

Job: Line Cook | Specializes in Chinese Dishes

Spirit Information

Mogwai (Mogui)

Country of Origin: China

Current Home: Bathhouse

Humanoid Height: 5’6’’ | 168cm


1. Contortion | He’s able to force his body into humanly impossible positions, even turning his head to almost 360° (often used to scare humans, understandably).
2. Poison Smoke | Exhales a scentless black smoke which causes symptoms of poisoning like headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness. Additionally, it plays tricks on the human mind, causing the victim to hallucinate (similar to a drug-induced horror trip). The effects are, however, temporary and not as dangerous for spirits as for humans.
3. Telekinesis |Basic level; lifting objects up to a few feet, keeping them from moving, pushing/pulling objects towards/away from himself. An overuse of this power or lifting very heavy object often result in headache.

Personal Information


Quiet, Observant | He’s not a man of many words and due to his, ahem, vocabulary that often enough provokes misunderstandings, he prefers to talk as little as possible. However, he’s been proven to be somewhat of a good listener and able to pick up the finer details.
Foul-Mouthed | It’s not because he aims to insult the whole world; it’s simply in his way of speech to throw in more profanities than necessary. He will speak more dignified if the situation calls for it.
Secretive | He prefers to keep certain things to himself as it often proves to be most advantageous. This also means that secrets he’s been entrusted with are safe with him (as long as you don’t give him a reason to spill the beans).
Caring | He isn’t the friendliest person around, but he does care for the well-being of the bathhouse personnel, since he views them like family. However, he will most likely show his care through small gestures rather than anything obvious.
Sadistic | The closest thing to humor that he possesses is a sarcastic, if not almost cynical one. Though, he won’t deny that he revels in the misfortune of others and he’d rather hurt than being hurt.
Possessive | Once he’s deemed something his (no matter if it’s an object or person), he can become quite possessive, if not almost obsessive. However, he’s learned from his past mistakes and will keep his distance when asked to.
Vengeful | His vengeful streak is an essential part of his kind. Although he does forgive a genuine mistake after some cool-off time, he won’t ever forget anyone who’s done harm to him or those close to him.

After-hour drinking | Studying new recipes | Tea of any kind | Scaring the ‘younger’/naive employees | Consuming life energy (preferably Yang energy)

Goat milk | Taoist exorcists | being called a Gremlin (yes, referring to the movie here) | Food being wasted | Having to fix loose stitches


By the time Suwen was born into a clan of Mogwai, his kind was already integrated into human settlements. He’s been taught that spirits and humans cannot engage in less than distrustful relationships, and getting too close to humans was dangerous. Once considered a young adult, Suwen left his clan to explore the world on his own and eventually stayed at an old restaurant that was about to be handed over to a new owner. He of course, didn’t like those intruders (even if they owned the place first) and tried to spook the staff into leaving.
For a while, he seemed to succeed and no employee stayed longer than a few months. That’s until a young apprentice named Li arrived, the first human who was able to see him and not be afraid of him. For a few months, the two played a game of cat-and-mouse before they eventually struck up an unusual friendship. Becoming interested in his human friend’s life, Suwen often watched him during work and even tried his hands at minor tasks when they were alone. Unbeknownst to Suwen, he was unintentionally spooking the other kitchen staff with his unseen but ‘ghostly’ presence, which they mistook for Li’s. Li, having been known in the past for talking to spirits and treated as an outcast for that, feared to be shunned by his coworkers as well. He’s also just gotten together with a girl and he didn’t want to lose her either.
Seeing no other options, he started avoiding Suwen, who in turn was confused about his friend’s sudden change in attitude. Not wanting to lose his only friend, the Mogwai only became more intrusive, to the point that he was stalking Li all the time. Eventually, the man has had enough and forbid Suwen from coming near him, saying he didn’t want to have anything to do with a demon. That in turn, didn’t sit well with him. Feeling betrayed and remembering his clan’s words, Suwen gave in to his darker sides and extracted his revenge by taking his former friend’s life. Li didn’t go down without a fight and even to this day, the never healing wounds Suwen obtained in the confrontation are a reminder of it.
Not being able to stay at the same place any longer, the Mogwai began wandering aimlessly from city to city. The only things he's taken with him from his time with the human were his former friend's surname and the culinary skills he's obtained through him. Suwen continued to hone the latter, since he came to the conclusion that the best life energy came from humans who have eaten good food in return. And that was really the only thing he saw them good for; as food. He could not be bothered to feel empathy for humankind again, having seen too much of their bad sides throughout the years he's observed them. His journey finally came to an end when he arrived at a place across the ocean, a supposed sanctuary for those like him.

Additional Info:

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