Orochi Obsessed Picture


Just a repeat from my other pic!
Name: Orochi (meaning big snake, or a mythology syrpant)
Height: 4 feet
Weight: 110 pnds
Personality: Sly and sneaky but very calm and in control, he seems to have control and power of most things, but control of his feelings of love and keeping cool, he seems to loose all of his cool around the ones he loves, he seems to turn into a puppy, he is also a high ranked wolf that is willing to give it up for what he believes is right because he becomes very loyal to his famiy and friends.
Bio: (created from the comic im creating)A normal wolf that knows a little too much for the ayakos liking, he can use what he knows to get his way and get around trouble, being the con-man he is, his father was a con-man his whole life and used his mother and himself, he knew when he would get older he would get back at his father... when he was at the age of 2 he killed his father and during that time a mutant killed his mother, he was alone and changed into what he hated... his father .....he is also soon taken by surprise by a beautiful young wolf and suddenly he has different aspect on life...and soon begins to change( AH! i cant tell you anymore!!! D
Why You want this character: MY COMIC!: White Thunder
Plans for character: a semi-main character for the comic, and just for my enjoyment! I adore this wolf and had sooo much fun drawing him, my notebook is full of doodles of this wolfie!

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