Lady Spook of DarkTeen Picture

Lady Spook of DarkTeen: one of the Cybent Sapien rulers from the Lizzy webcomic

Spook's 'Nosferatu' hand sports a powerful hypodermic needle pump in each finger. It works both ways. She can use it to drain blood from a victim and either eject it,
store it, or directly inject it into her own bloodstream. She believes she can learn intimate secrets by feeling other peoples blood inside herself. Also her augmented immune system makes short work of any diseases or compatibility issues. On the other hand she can also inject various substances into others including a wide range of diseases or mind altering substances.
Also noteworthy are her titanium vampire style teeth, cosmetically altered ears and the fact that both her legs are in fact dead and embalmed. Cybernetic implants allow her to use these legs all the same.

Her real name used to be Esmeralda Neville. She grew up an only child in Urbia City and lost her mother at an early age to suicide. This made quite an impact and sparked her fascination with death. Her father was a distant, emotionally cold business man working long hours, leaving her alone most of the time. Esmeralda felt empty and isolated and retreated into fantasy. She developed an unhealthy fascination with death, vampirism, witchcraft and the occult. She grew into a depressed gothic teenager and weekend witch, reading up on old mythology and legend and dabbling in magick rituals. She also started self mutilating, beginning with small cuts under her clothes and expanding from there. Finally she went over the edge. Her father was away on a business trip for over a month. She did some research into medical practice and embalming techniques and bought the supplies needed for her project using her father's credit card. She could acquire the needed drugs from a crooked kid with a doctor father. Then she proceeded to amputate and subsequently embalm her own left leg! She built a framework of metal braces around it so she could stand and walk on it. It wasn't long afterward that she was admitted to a mental hospital. She wouldn't stay there long however for the generation holocaust and the Cybent Sapien rise to power started soon after. Esmeralda was pleased and almost happy when she stepped outside and witnessed the death and destruction around her. She got noticed by the Cybent Sapiens and eventually rose to become one of the DarkTeen lords. She is tasked with piecing together Antigean ancient history and mythology as well as researching supernatural phenomena. She amputated her other leg as well afterward, for symmetry. Being a cyborg now she could use advanced mechanical prosthetics inside the dead legs to walk just fine. She still likes the braces though, as a fashion accessory. Her favorite experiment is flatlining herself for extended periods of time to try to obtain knowledge from beyond. So far her research has been disappointing. However, with the help of advanced Cybent Sapien biotechnology and cybernetics, there seem to be some promising new avenues. Will she unlock the secrets of true magic if such a thing even exists? Too early to tell...
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