Heart Chart : June Hakamada Picture


Harumi Ichikawa |
Classmate, sits behind him. Knew her since the first day of school.
He used to see her as a very moody person. After some unknown reasons, she softens significantly.
Thinks she's cute, and needs to be protected. Likes her as a classmate.

Jun Mitsuhashi |
Bears an eerie significance to Cein. Very curious about, but often feels somewhat intimidated to find out more.
Although they very rarely meet, he thinks of her frequently. The last time they met, she seemed troubled a bit.

Shrimp / ???? |
Mia Otsuka. Both do not know each other's names. Sees her as a chirpy and bubbly person, somewhat an airhead,
and full of energy too. Her simple way of thinking and speech makes him wonder if she's younger.
She seems to know a lot about mythology.

Tsubaki Natsuki |
Develops a begrudgingly love-hate feeling towards. Usually he is casual around her, and is okay with her company,
as long as she stays away from the innuendos. Wonders why she blushes a lot. Lately she beginnings to look cute.
He hopes she'll stop liking him and find someone else. Can't ignore her somehow.

Manami Akazaki |
Classmate, seems to be very proud of her marks. Doubts she's smarter than him, but does not mind being taught by.
Wants to eat lunch together during break time and chat more. Likes her as a classmate.

Teddy / ???? |
Makoto Shirouji. Classmate, was once in the same group within a project. Calls him 'Teddy' because he stutters
and is kind of adorable for a boy. Wants to see him becomes more man-like. Promises to train him.
Feels the need to protect him. Likes him as a classmate.

Kaname Ohta |
Mistook her as a real-life angel for once, and is very embarrassed about it. Wants to show her around the downtown more.
Thinks she's cute and horribly wants to hold her sometimes but nope. Sees her as a little sister despite the same age.

Menma Kozakura |
At first was only curious about, then gradually he feels connected and attached to. Becomes very calm around her.
Likes her calmness as well. Wonders what she thinks about everything. Wants to ensure her well-beings always.
Confessed to, and got a vague answer, but likes to assume she's thinking about it as they got to know each other.
Does not see her much lately.

Prince / ???? |
Katsumi Midorikawa. Does not know his name, class, or year. Admires his flexibility and good-timing in catching
Mia's pumpkin head despite of his meek looks, when he accidentally kicked it away. Wonders if he's skilled in
other fields as well. Due to this, he addresses him as 'Prince/Oujisama' in his mind. Does not want to say it out loud.

Rei Koizumi |
Felt very guilty he once injured her, and promised himself to take a better care of her. Hates whoever dislikes her,
especially her bullies. Becomes sad and disappointed when it seems that she's hiding something from him.
Thinks she is a very nice girl whom he likes to hang around with. Feels a brotherly love towards her,
but sometimes he needs to remind himself about it, too.

Kana Ishida |
The first person to visit him in the hospital despite how they were strangers at that time.
Only met her once but feels very comfortable around. He secretly wants to be treated as her little brother.

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I used Harvest Moon heart colours to indicate the feelings, so 5 purple hearts are not higher than 4 blue hearts, but about the same level of affections.
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