Calix the Elsen Picture

An Elsen custom I got from CreepyLeader. uvu His name means 'very handsome' in Greek. <3


Personal Info:

Name: Calix the Elsen

Nicknames/alias: Cyclops, Little Eye Guy, Eye Sore

Age: 7

Height: 4'3"

Weight: 65 lbs

Eye color: Blue

Description of clothes: He wears a white suit shirt with black pants, shoes, and a bow tie.

Likes: Books and reading, Greek mythology, Mashaka, drawing, being around others, getting affection, cookies/sweets, being cared for, soft things.

Dislikes: Needles or sharp and pointy objects in general, getting made fun of, being alone/treated like an outcast, the possibility of being blinded.

[Powers & abilities: He can change into a giant like the [cyclopes] from Greek mythology if he's angered enough, but he's not quick to think in this form and is a little dim-witted; he is also quite strong in this form.]

Character traits: Kind, shy, a little aggressive, a big eater, usually quiet and sweet, smart.

Mini-bio: Calix was born with one eye, making him different from his parents since they both had two eyes. There were, unfortunately, complications while his mother was giving birth, and she died not too long after Calix was born. His father was filled with grief and was angry towards his newborn son for having 'killed his own mother', resulting in him being negectful and cold towards the infant. This went on for a while before Mashaka, a Sinbreed of Wrath and Gluttony, happened to pas by the house of the two, and upon seeing the father not doing anything to stop Calix from crying, made his way into the house and brutally beat the the man to near-death, being enraged upon seeing the poor child suffer, before deciding to take him in and leaving the father to die in the house. As Calix grew up, he was given plenty of affection from his new adoptive father, and was taught how to be strong and aggressive. He was also taught how to find food and how to eat a lot, with his chubby tummy being a product of this. Calix was taught other things from books he found outside of the cave in Zone 2 where he and Mashaka live, making reading one of his favorite passtimes. Despite being raised under such a strong Sinbreed, he is usually shy and quiet around most people, being afraid that they will make fun of him for having one eye. He is also generally very sweet, but he has the tendency to get irritated, and if he's pushed enough, he'll change into a gigantic cyclops, so it's best to keep him on his good side.

His adoptive father: Mashaka the SinBreed - OFF OC

His Cyclops Form: 'Mythological' Calix


Calix and Mashaka belong to me. Elsens in general belong to MG.

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