Prehistoric Scrapdump Various Picture

Alright, the title of this is a bit of an exaggeration - some of these sketches are only two or so years old. Others, however, date back to Freshmen year of high school, so there ya go.

I'll try to order this as best I can.

Top right cluster: Five sketches of an insectoid take on fairies, using butterfly, wasp, beetle, mantis, and cricket bases.

Top left cluster: Other takes on mythical creatures, including a dwarf, an elf (correction: poorly drawn elf), an ogre, a salamander (as in the mythical six armed lizard beast that can survive incineration, here depicted as a mutant, toothier newt), a Yowie (an Australian six legged lizard creature, which I basically used as an excuse to draw a more badass version of the previous salamander - this design eventually became my submission for the first Kreate a Kreature contest), an island-sized turtle (more common in myth than you may think), and a couple of kelpies (evil, man eating river dwelling horses).

Second Row Right Cluster: A werewolf head, a badass looking knight, and sketches of Hades and Charon from Greek mythology.

Second Row Left Cluster: A sketch of BoBo from freshmen year of high school. It looks pretty neat despite its age.

Third Row: Sketches of all eight members of "The Evil Eight," the supervillain team in my now abandoned superhero/high school student coming of age story. Despite the utter lameness of some of the villains (or perhaps because of it), I kinda miss these guys. I'm thinking of incorporating all of them into Fearsome Future - Hell, some of them are already in it. Phantomb became Straightjacket, Minion became Mynjeon, Mentor became Dr. Mendel Corbin/Mentor Cortex, and Skum was sort of a prototype Plasman. I could probably work in the remaining three villains as lackeys for some of the other villains, or maybe other failed super soldier experiments in the NWP. Who knows what'll happen.
Also, there's a neat (and far more recent) sketch of BoBo and a large Myrmidon. I just really like that sketch.

Fourth and Final Row & Cluster: Various cryptid designs that I may or may not use in the future as kaiju or something. Ain't they neat?
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