Adawehi Picture

(My submission to the "Hellboy-OC-Alliance" contest--to introduce my OC from the story "Vegas, Baby" over on, you know, lots of geeking out here and having a wonderful time ...)

Ask Dolores Tobin her age as she will tell you that she's "Somewhere between 35 and death ..."

Del joined the BPRD as a full agent in the late 1980s, the third member of her family to serve the Bureau, beginning with her grandfather--a member of the Cherokee Nation--who served in the US Army as a Code Talker. In October of 1944, Jack Montgomery was assigned to a secret detachment sent to protect and assist a civilian government operative named Trevor Bruttenholm and what Lt. Montgomery saw on a tiny island in the North Atlantic changed his life forever.

Sixty years later, his granddaughter carries on this seemingly odd fusion of Celtic and Cherokee mysticism--a blending of two spirits with the ability to walk in both worlds, revered as a holy person the Cherokee call: Adawehi.

In her twenty years with the Bureau, Del has been known for her uncanny knack for premonition, and prior to Johann Krauss' arrival at the BPRD, served as a clairvoyant and clairaudio agent and spirit caller. She possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of Pre-Columbian and Celtic mythology and the legends and rituals of the American Indian spirit culture.

Del currently serves in the South-Western branch of the BPRD and considers herself semi-retired, has an aversion to any product manufactured by the Zinco corporation and enjoys badgering FBI director Tom Manning with e-mails regarding departmental procedure. (She has never missed the BPRD's annual X-Mas party.)
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