Belle Am - Modern Outfit Picture

Hello everyone! This is a character I made for the Rise of the Guardians fandom, Belle Am. She is the Spirit of Summer and her name comes from a Sumarian(I think) god or spirit called Belam, who watched over the summer harvest and things like that.

Name: Belle Am
Age/Birthday: (300)18/June 21
Powers: She can make plants bloom and grow to their best potential and tries to abate summer droughts, though she'd not always successful. Even in winter, she can melt snow and make plants grow, which is the opposite of Jack's affect on summer(causing plants to frost and die in summer)

Backstory: Her first memory was waking up under a fallen tree, then the tree moving and her eyes seeing the moon bright in the sky. She found a wand of wood neear her and, when she picked it up noticed that the plants she stepped on and waved the wand over grew better than before. She got caught in a draft of wind and flew up into the trees, soon catching sight of a village. Drifting toward it, she landed and started to ask where she was when the people started walking through her without notice. She was told her name was Belle Am by the Moon and then Mother Nature appeared, told her of her duties as Spirit of Summer, then disappeared.

Friends: She has a positive relationship with Bunnymund, who thanks her for keeping the weather in the Southern Hemisphere warm for Easter. Sandy, Tooth and North are good friends to lend an ear, but her best friend is Cupid, a non-guardian, who always invites her over for lunch and snacks and just fun. She meets Jack Frost accidentally one NH fall/SH spring, and her feeling grow from neutrality to friendship to love(not Cupid's fault, real love). Mother Nature and Man in Moon she never had much interaction with, besides MiM telling her her name and Mother Nature instructing her in what her powers were, and she doesn't really seek them out until she needs Mother Nature's help to figure out what to do about herself and Jack.

Appearance: Much like Jack, when she first became a spirit she had clothes that fit the time she became a spirit, the 1700s, but she decided to update to a modern outfit like jack, only keeping her cloak and her boots.

That's all for now, let me know if you want to see the rest of the cast, I'll get them up when I can.

Rise of the Guardians and The Guardians of Childhood belong to Dreamworks and William Joyce
Belam the spirit belongs to mythology, everyone and no one.
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Belle Am is mine.
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