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Edit: Decided to make her more Kurdish, so oh yeah~. I like how she looks. She looks pretty (Plus she is a tiny thing. She and Iolanta are the smallest Female!Specters. Shadha and Brunhilda are the tallest)

"Tries to challenge herself to get out of art block"


I feel defeated, just plainly defeated. I just couldn't draw every single day like I had in mind. Oh well...

So, Beldi, this is the result of the challenge you put a month ago, with Simurgh. You will remember, you're the smartest person I had ever met.

Decided to actually do a man, but my oh so creative brain gave me a girl. Why am I not surprised? Meh.

Blah, armor design is simple, the only impressive thing that will be out of there are the wings and the dog helmet. Other than that, it's every simplistic.

About Sybelle:

Terrestrial Education Star, Simurgh Sybelle
Age: 18-19
Birthplace: Iran

She's the typical nurse from hell, although she will not deny medical care for her patients, she will not hear anything from them and will make their staying in her care a living hell (One of the main reasons why most Specters rather "tough it off" than visit her and stand her). Because of that behavior, she's often called "Flying Bitch" out of bitterness, but she doesn't seem to mind... or care.

Sybelle also shows immense loyalty and will rather get herself killed than cooperate with other companion, or simply pretend she doesn't know shit. But although she has a loyalty for her god and her superiors, she has a stronger loyalty with the few friends that she has and will put herself at a major risk to save a friend's neck (Of course, after shoving it at his face how much of an imbecile they are)

Although she is gifted at the arts of healing, Sybelle has one of the lowest body resistance of the 108 and is considered by others as weak and frail, but necessary, so she will be often down below instead of doing a mission out somewhere.

About Simurgh:

In Persian mythology the Simurgh, or Simorgh, was the name given to a benevolent, mythical avian creature which today can be found in all periods of Greater Iranian art and literature as well as the iconography of medieval Armenia, Byzantium and other regions that were within the sphere of Iranian cultural influence. In Iranian art the Simurgh is depicted as a winged creature in the shape of a bird, gigantic enough to carry off an elephant and even a whale. It usually appears in the form of a peacock with copper colored feathers, the head of a dog and the claws of a lion; however it is sometimes depicted with a more human face.

Almost also depicted as female, Iranian legend considers the Simurgh so old that it has seen the destruction of the world three times over and has learned so much in its long life that it is thought to possess the knowledge of all the ages.

PS: Yes, the wings were inspired on *khrazah's wings, I hope she doesn't mind or kill me ^^U.

Sybelle © ~Anthenora
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