FA: Samson Picture

Samson FionĂșir Bach


Based on:
Creepy pasta: the Various Slender man stories/ Hanako and the teller of teh Allegory (Asou)


Subject/ teaching area:
'Traditional' Mythology (Gives students a tun down on how most humans view mysterious occurrences and beings)


He's a very open young man about most things except his own background. He'll talk up a storm about the gods and goddess' of Olympus or perhaps about the mask he wears so fondly. he loves to stick around Alani in hopes to propose to her when she's ready. Being Laid back he doesn't really let other people's emotions get him down nor does he truly 'react' to 'advanced' situations (say there was a bomb he'd go "how lovely").

- Consuming humans
- Alani
- Mythology
- Children
- Notes
- Woods
- Playing with Kids
- Being Alone

- Being Looked at
- Knives
- Staring
- Being bothered
- Being Interrupted
- Wasted Food

Extra/ Other information:
-He's an Alternate Timeline version of Samuel Bas (Long story short; The original Samuel 'ceased to exist' due to an event in his timeline occurring not as originally thought. So an Alternate timeline took his presence) Ironically he still shares a blood tie to the original as he is the genetic offspring of Dr. Bree'Anne Bas
-He's a cannibal
-Madly in love with Alani
-He used to teach kindergarten; But after ending up in the Academy decided to teach his passion which is mythology of the world.
- the mask he wears is mostly for show. He wears it for his own amusement not out of shyness.
-He sometimes forgets how to speak and since this has been a life long matter he is fluent in sign language.
-He speaks 4 languages; English, Gaelic, French, Latin
-He has an engagement ring on his hand and one under his tie for when he can propose to Alani again.
-The only 'memories' he has from his previous existence are those of Alani. he remembers nothing else other than things about her.
-He used to teach at private schools and was a good friend to a demoness who he never knew was a demon. He has a body count of over 200 persons
-He has recently become a monster due to an incident with Alani's ex fiancee

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