Anp the Dragon Picture

Last time i'm creating new fantasy world, based on egyptian mythology and my night dreams.
There are giant dragons, look like Anubis (Inpuret), Seth (Sethuret) and Horus (Horet).
These are dragons craetd by egyptian gods, which defend world against demons from Duat, and with their riders are in royal serve.
In this picture i drawned Anp - the young Inpuret with his human rider: Kebehut.
They are in serve of Thysis kingdom, one of six countries in this desert land.

Age: 20
Height: 160 cm/5 ft 3' (in Thisis she is very tall woman. Casual woman has 145 cm(4 ft 8'), man 160 cm )
Weight: about 50 kg/110 lbs

Lenght (body) 22.26 m / 74 ft
Lenght (tail): 9.5 m / 31 ft
Lenght (wing): 16 m / 52,5 ft
Lenght (ear): 5,83 m / 19 ft
Lenght (from tail to legs): 40 m / 131 ft
Height (sitting like in picture): 13,78 m / 45 ft
Height (the same position with ears): 18 m / 60 ft
Height (standing, with ears): 25,5 m / 83,5 ft
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