Apophis The Serpent God Card Picture

This is the final version of the Apophis card.

Since time began, good and evil have been in existance clashing among each other though most of the time good has triumphed within the ages, there comes a time when evil overcomes and the world is decent into darkness.

In our world, good and evil has been forseen in many different forms from humans to mythological beings. Sometimes these forces can communicate with the natural world whether it be for fortune and pride or greed and power. In either case we all struggle with these two forces and in many cases it overwelmes us so that we cannot control our actions although it not be our own will.

Nearly a millenia ago before the rise of Egypt, two great forces were at war with one another control. Apophis, the Lord and Creator of Darkness has been at War with Ra the god of the Sun. Every day at sun down, Ra would travel the Duat with lost souls, beinging them to the judgement table and finally to their resting place with Osiris the God of the Underworld where they could remain at peace. However, Apophis often clashed with Ra to devour the souls of the dead to fuel his own power, and in many cases lost to Ra and his great might. Until one night Ra had become weakened due to the infiltration of Duel Monster World and the creation of Duel Monsters in which creatures of both Ra and Apophis controlled the will of man, .

Seeing his loss, Ra called on three of the most powerful magicians on earth to seal Apophis into a stone tablet, however; in a last ditch effort to keep his stability in the mortal world, Apophis cast a spell on the Egyptain God cards creating their evil fiendish halfs, known as Uria, Raviel, and Hamon. In time, these three combined into the Ultimate creature Armityle-The Chaos Phantom and it is through this creature that Apophis will rise from the Duat and reign terror upon the earth once again.
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