Sailor Moon Remix Picture

Now for the second "Anime Remix" picture, this is something that I have been promising to do for a while. The only problem was....I had no expereince with women, drawing or otherwise (I'm a perpetually single guy who's luck with the ladies is not positive); I have little knowledge of magic or any supernatural forces, and I didn't knew much about Sailor Moon outside the anime. So I did research, I practiced, I looked up tons of sties regarding Sailor Moon and her mythology as well as similar shows (specifically shows in this era), then I looked at comics involving magic and science, from Doctor Strange to Doctor Who to the Eternals, and then I looked at costume designs, personalities and see how the Sailor Moon cast could fit in a different context. I compiled all those good things and found a story and characters that is different but still respects the wonderful world of the Sailor Scouts.

Name: Tsukino Usagi
Nicknames: "Rabbit", "Moon Girl", Pig-Tailed Idiot (Rei), Meatball Head (you-know-who Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan,
Age: 14
Height: 150 cm
Weight: As she'd would tell you Sailor Weapon: Moon Wand, Moonarangs, Sailor Cell.
Non Sailor Powers: Manipulation of Gravitional Fields, which she is still working on. So far she can make herself and others light as a feather, allowing to jump over 100 yards in the air (like a rabbit). She can alter others gravitons to be heavier or cancel their gravity; She can make a car 10 times lighter and kick it like a tin can, then reverse it to make it heavy again for her foes
BIO: Tsukino Usagi was always a little bit different. As a little girl, she was spoiled, hyperactive, loud mouthed and didn't know the meaning of descretion. She also appeared to be very dumb, prone to dance arround in class and bump her head into everything making her a walking disaster. She grew up worshiping her idol, local hero Boss Urameshi (yes, THAT Urameshi) and grew fond of his stories of fighting of demons and monsters so much, she wanted to tell stories too. Usagi is now 14 and while she managed to survive a little brother named Shingo and made it to junior high school, things have not gotten any better. Her parents often wonder if they be better if Usagi has a psychiatrist, but Usagi keeps re-assuring her mother that her imagination and wacky stories will allow her to pursue a career in manga and maker her mom proud...little does she know she has a higher destiny ahead. One day, Usagi and her friend Naru went to Crown Arcade to play some games, but when they left, some muggers tried to rape them and one thing led to another...which wound up with Usagi getting shot!
A great power has awakened that was felt from the skies of Heaven to the bowels Hell, more specifically The Negaverse, a hellish version of Tokyo where foul demons resided and is ruled by The Negaforce, an evil cartel led by the ruthless Lady Baral. Baral wants this great power, and sends her armies to our world in order to retrieve...and make a profit stealing souls while they're at it. When Usagi woke up she was in her room, watching the news of her attackers somehow getting mangled and injured. She called Naru to ask, but she didn't remember a thing ...then her cat talked to her.
Character Description: Usagi is a little less like a ditsy schoolgirl and more of a child who just got superpowers. She has a very good outlook on life and has a huge curiosity for things and likes to help out people as much as she can; But being a spoiled brat, very nosy and dumb as a sandwich, saldy no progress has been made. Her difficulty with school is getting worse and it's making her more lazy and tardy. Her stupidity and clutziness is getting her more trouple proned and her love of comic books, anime and sugar is feeding her over-active imagination. However, that has made her more comfortable with literature than the old Usagi, anything that she can be creative, my way of adding a little bit of myself to the character. Falling more into a superheroine archtype, I wanted to boost her power exponentioly because I feel Sailor Moon should be the anime equivalent of Wonder Woman or Supergirl, able to go against grand foes like today's heroines. Her Moon Wand, allows her to create magical eldricth ribbon that can become numerous weapon (the most prominent being the sword called "Miracle Romance") or allows her to cast powerful reality beinding spells Her background is heavily influenced by the new live action SM Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and thus uses something that was great: her regular and sailor forms are different, thus elminating the redundantness of having someone figure out that the only blonde girl with long odongo hair is actually Sailor Moon
Picture description: I wanted Sailor Moon in an action pose, flying arround in a magical landscape, not unlike the original Sailor Moon, with all the important aspects of her life all around her: Fans will regocnize the demonic eye and the red hair melding with background as belonging to Queen (now Lady) Barel (spelled Baral for Remix), her guardian cat Luna, the two aspects of that make Sailor Moon, Usagi Tsukino and the glowing holy warrior, the four symbols of the Inner Scouts (fiery Mars, frigid Mercury, electric Jupiter and shining Venus) and of course Tuxedo Mask, the scary looking sombitch with the skull for a head. (More on him later). Finally, I wanted to give Usagi a more subdued look (with dirty blonde hair, low bangs and short odango ears) compared to her brighter alter-ego for a) there are no natural blondes in Japan and 2) to not make any connection between the two visually. The Costume shown here , which draws inspiration from her previous looks while putting in my own touches, is not the final one, because I figure a girl like Usagi would like to change her look every once in a while As for the process, it was the same thing with Dragonball: Remix - Goku only more refined and thought out with the colorations.

All Sailor Moon characters are (C) Naoto Takeuchi/Kodansha
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