Lizzie the Capricorn (New OC) Picture

Name: Lizzie Cornelius Howell

Age: ???

Type: Capricorn, Herbivore/Vegetarian

Likes: Shakespeare, Mythology, Unusual Theories, Technology, Literature, Poetry

Dislikes: Litter, Gore, Scary Stuff, Pain, Suffocation, Death, The Dark

Appearance: All wooly, pitch-black eyes, curved horn, red circles under eyes from depression and sadness

Bio: A little lamb whose mother abandoned her ever since her father died. Honestly, the little lamb planned to die, why live? But then, at the same time, half of her wanted her to continue to be known and remembered. So the lamb started calling itself 'Lizzie', nothing complicated, Lizzie started to walk through the high green grasses. She saw strange man creatures, who walked on two legs and worked with the other pair the called 'arms', People, Lizzie started to learn how roam like people. She stumbled upon many buildings, many, many of them. She found a library and she thought Shakespeare and Mythology was the most fascinating thing she had ever read, honestly, Lizzie had someone read to her. She took lessons in reading, but never writing. Ever since she made such success she felt such courage and passion, Lizzie lived in a cottage for the rest of the times. She saw an old lady pass by her poorly cottage, she asked for fresh corn and wild onions, Lizzie was delighted and remembered she has been harvesting this month and offered the old lady what she wanted, "May you be blessed for your generosity." was all the old traveler said. When Lizzie has grown older, Lizzie has felt powerful and proud, she has became a mythical creature, the Capricorn, her cottage was less poorly and loose, her crops grew fresh each day for her to thrive on. Lizzie could ask for no more for she was optimistic for what she already has. She then could pick up things and write, Lizzie then discovered how to use electronics, she was fascinated by the world and glad she was living.

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What happened to all the cute yet simple OCs? Either way they're still bootiful.
I think mai new OC is fab, what do you think? :L

Lizzie- Meh.

Base by- Koru-ru
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