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After years of successful quests and questionably effective methods of eradicating numerous threats to his fellow demigods and olympians alike, Halian has made himself known as one of the more experienced and victorious Heroes to survive past the age of sixteen (and that record still carries on). He's become trusted by a handful of the deities sitting above the New York City. He usually runs some of the more dangerous and personal requests for Apollo, Hermes, Hephaestus, his mother (obviously), Athena, and the occasional assistance for Hestia and Artemis and other similar entities. This tends to end up with Halian staying away from camp for extended periods of time, and only allowing for short breaks to check up on his siblings (namely 'correcting' Drew if she'd been acting out with her charmspeak).

After the first year of being promoted to what amounts to a glorified hands-on secretary for divine dirty work, Halian was finally let in on some of the darker and better kept secrets of the Gods. Conspiracies that outrank something as simple as the return of the primordials trying to get their power back or the difference between romans and greeks. Namely: The Other Pantheons. While for the most part all pantheons tended to keep to themselves (while physically sharing territory, they were metaphysically parallel) and stay out of the others' business, there comes times when discourse is required for certain matters. Other times a pantheon tries to muscle in on another's territory and a compromise must be found. For the most part, Hestia was granted the unofficial position of Mediator for these meetings with other pantheons. Zeus, despite being the leader of the Olympians, was voted out of that position by the majority (and common sense) of his family and peers for obvious reasons (he nearly ended up starting another war when he got a little flirty with Freyja, matter of fact. The Olympians would not have liked the result of that scuffle).

Unfortunately, while Hestia is fully capable and has previously shown the will to protect and fight for her family and allies, she is by nature peaceful. She dislikes conflict in general (her siblings drive her absolutely insane when their mother doesn't help), and feels uncomfortable with fighting any incursions unless her family is threatened directly. Halian, as it turns out, has an eerily keen sense of how to shut deity-figures down. The most notable of these would be Mr. D after Halian got a hold of some mythological history documents, Ares on principle, and Zeus (during a certain incident involving the King Prick himself, Hera, Heracles, and a poor young nymph who didn't want to get on anyone's bad side). The results was two grown deities curled in on themselves, a catatonic nature spirit, and a conflicted Queen. Hephaestus denies any knowledge of how Halian's Shell of Armament can deal such mortifying damage to a metaphysical being, but refuses to look into it out of more than simple curiosity ( "He won't hit you if you don't deserve it, so quit whining, Dad." Only said because the man couldn't move from his position for nearly four hours).

After proving himself worthy of being let in on the secrets (certain parties were vehemently against Hal's acknowledgement, but an idle twirl of a large mallet and they shut up right quick) they covered so deeply, and further showing his ability to handle the job, Halian was granted the unofficial title of Mediator alongside Hestia. Of course, true to form, Halian's title also carried the unofficial "Bad Cop" connotation, to Hestia "Good Cop" and as such, was mostly the one to handle the incidents involving inter-pantheon conflict. The most recent of which intruded on Poseidon's kingdom and as such, he requested Halian's services to handle the problem (as once another pantheon actually got a solid foothold on another's territory, it became significantly harder to get rid of them) while the lesser demigods and crew took care of the less worrisome family issues.

Besides, this particular intruder seems to have a past with their Bad Mediator~

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