DCM 2015:

♦Name: Bolero Abbadon
♦Gender: Nonbinary (dmab, uses xe/xem/xyr pronouns)
♦Age: 23
♦Fallen Sin: Lust
♦Rank: Fallen
♦Weapon: Houndstooth, a staff with ranged-shot capacity
Xe's generally very stoic; Bolero likes speaking in the sort of ominous surrealist-speak befitting a prophet, though xe's not really any sort of oracle. Otherwise, xe's not one for speaking, and prefers giving people very unnerving stares. Despite this intimidating exterior, xe's actually very forgiving and tolerant; xe often acts as his brother's moral compass because xe's so slow to be judgemental.
Around his brother, a slightly softer personality comes out; xe tends to be more vocal and generally more willing to accept affection. Xe's fiercely loyal to those he's close to, but for the most part xe's closest to only his brother.
He constantly beats himself up for his own personal sins, and refuses to utter a word of why xe deems himself unworthy for heaven, but constantly believes himself to be pretty much the same sort of scum Lucifer is.

♦Bio: [warning: his backstory contains incest! Tread with caution.]

Bolero grew up in a particularly quiet, rich sort of family; the parents traveled, leaving him and his brother mostly to their own devices with the grandparents; though they never did see each other very much even then. Windbreaker would fall the first time, and Bolero would chase after, as a foolish tween would, to try and help his brother out. Somehow, though, the parents managed to seek out Bolero, drag him back to heaven, and sent him off to a boarding school lest xe become corrupted by xyr brother's influences.
Xe'd meet with the family briefly on Holidays and breaks, though xe'd never really see xyr brother again.

After getting out of school, xe'd meet with a lovely youth around his age, with an equally lovely voice--they fell for each other and grew intimate. They were ready to introduce each other to their parents, to integrate into each other's lives and maybe...maybe...

Bolero would go to a family meeting for the first time in years, and run into the same youth. They were...confused. Did the parents already know? How...welcoming. Their confusion soon would turn to dread, as it seemed all threads pointed to them being the twins they hadn't seen since they were on the surface of Daten. Neither knew; Bolero was short as a child and grew out and got a bit of bulk, dyed xyr hair and xyr eyes turned to a deep pool of a black color and xyr voice grew deep; and xyr brother hadn't been this thin or this green-haired as xe'd last seen him.

Xe'd later fall, though when is a mystery, xe doesn't like talking about the circumstances that brought xem to Daten in the first place, and remains incredibly tight-lipped. If asked about it, all xe does is start rambling about mythological constructs regarding soul mates, or something equally puzzling. Nobody's managed to connect the dots, much to xyr thankfulness, or they're simply too intimidated to probe further.

As of late xe's been particularly distant from his twin, both physically and a bit in terms of plain old contact, though xe doesn't really like saying why, and his brother doesn't probe either. And while xe defeats ghosts like any other angel on the surface would do, xe doesn't seem to have a drive to get back to heaven and has seemed to comfortably integrate into surface life. Possibly due to this, xe refuses to stay anywhere near religious hubs where fallen angels generally board.


  • surrealist anything
  • black and any sort of dark, muted color
  • dogs, esp. pomeranians
  • the sound of rain against windows
  • unexplained phenomena, or anything that doesn’t seem to have a clear meaning.
  • visual arts, esp. drawing
  • xyr twin


  • xemself, mostly, profoundly
  • fate
  • religious buildings; churches, abbies, mosques, you name it, xe doesn't want near it.
  • the crippling dread from lonliness
  • the feeling of not knowing something incredibly important
  • horses; they’re large and deadly and let’s NOT
  • feeling responsible for something out of xyr control to change
  • haircuts
  • the fact xyr twin's managed to settle down and basically get over everything and yet xe...really hasn't.


-furry, fursona is a pomeranian (referential preference is dog>angel>person>male/variation of gendered personhood. Use of the last two is strictly discouraged). Xe tends to behave in doglike manners if xe's letting himself go; sticking his tongue out, whining, barking, etc; much to his embarrassment.

-absolutely refuses to let people touch xyr hair; because of this it's grown long; and because xe's not a hairstylist it has wild, haphazard cuts in it from where xe's tried to manage it xemself.

-the amount of black on xyr henshin and in his wings definitely gains him an odd look or two from others that see him transform; it's usually a color reserved for demons. He's all angel, however, and doesn't really seem to mind it that much.

-staff can be used for hand-to-hand combat but its ranged ability comes from firing the halos as energy shots; sadly xe's only got two with every summon and as a result is usually the one between him and Windbreaker to fire finishing shots. Houndstooth's design alters as it becomes combined with other jackets or with Henshin Overdrive; gaining more prongs and altered shooting characteristics.

-lives in an apartment in Daten separate from his brother and most angels; xe has his means of figuring out where ghosts are, and he's generally a responsible type, anyway.

-Xe gains the money for the apartment and living space through a small dog-walking business; well. small's likely a bad word considering how visible Angels are in Daten; that being said xe doesn't try to make a big deal about xyr business and tends to be really modest about it. Xe's managed to get a enough influx of business in order to afford a comfortable living.

-a particularly skilled artist especially w/ anthropomorphic/furry shenanigans; however xe does all of xyr artwork circulation online under a very tightly-managed alias. Nobody would connect xyr face to xyr artwork. (Fun fact: Shady knows the alias, though he doesn't know Bolero's the dog behind the curtain)

-Actually has a degree in fine arts, specializes in oil painting and digital painting though lately has only been doing the latter for commercial reasons. Has actually been in an inspirational funk for a while.

-more inclined to be attracted to women and feminine men. (because, well, you know.)

-has no problem presenting masculine to a degree; xyr voice is deep anyway and xe have a lot of muscle mass so it's sort of inevitable; however xe gets really uncomfortable about xyr body hair and has definitely had laser hair removal on certain areas, and compulsively shaves others. (Leg shaving seems feminine enough a routine that xe doesn't mind maintaining xyr legs, however xe's definitely had hair procedures done on xyr chin, chest, and below the belt).

-For shits and giggles, Henshin theme audio aesthetic: HIBIKASE--Giga-P and Reol

-is xe a sei expy? is xe a ren expy? man who fucking knows anymore xe's a MESS that's what xe is

2/22: snazzy new app art; edited the extra and likes/dislikes section
4/6: CHANGED THE F PRONOUNS ON THE WHOLE APP FROM MASCULINE TO NEUTRAL and removed the otherkin stuff. Also added stuff on xyr dysphoria and art credentials.
4/14: new app art, again.....
4/21: moved onto the new application blanks!

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