LOTBM - The Pirate Picture

Hooooly shit. Does anybody remember Adia [link] ? Well she got a major design change as you can see. xD I'm super proud of this. lol My favourite part of this is the arms.


Adia is a Vulkodlak. If you don’t know what a Vulkodlak is, it’s basically what happens when you kill a werewolf and don’t burn the body. Werewolves and vampires have had links throughout mythology, but the staple for my rendition of the Vulkodlak comes from the Greek legend that the corpses of werewolves--if not destroyed--would return to life as vampires in the form of either the wolf or hyena to drink the blood of dying soldiers on battlefields.

Adia is one of these bloodsucking creatures. Enjoy my rendition of the beasts. Now! Onto Adia herself~

Adia was born into a poor family when she was human. Struggling through life with very little. On her sixteenth birthday, she and her family were attacked my a werewolf---her being the only survivor of the tragedy. A few years went by after that and Adia wrecked havoc in the countryside during the full moons. Attracting enough attention to warrant a bounty hunter (picture someone like Van Helsing) to be hired to slay her. The hunter succeeded in taking her life. Adia died at the age of twenty-three. The hunter saw no reason to dispose of the body since he had no knowledge of what would occur if you didn’t destroy a lycanthrope’s cadaver; so he left her there.

Adia’s body did not resurrect itself right away---it took a few days. But when it did, it went through an extraordinary transformation (as you can see), but a very painful one. Now undead, Adia was driven by one instinct---kill the one responsible for ending her. Her grudge led her to the hamlet were the hunter rested his head, and she slew everyone. Man, woman, child, it didn’t matter. She took their blood for sustenance and savored each drop like fine wine. She especially enjoyed the hunter’s life essence.

After her little massacre of innocents, she ventured off into the wilds. Over a year went by with her living on the lam before she arrived at the small port town of Huldar. When she noticed a ship was docked, she easily took it for herself, dispatching the captain. The crew, so terrified of her obeyed her and recognized her as their new captain. They set sail for parts unknown.

After six months at sea, Adia and her crew arrived at the continent of Ish’r--more specifically the costal city of Redstone--where they continue to make port. (Ish’r is the continent where Bloodspire and the others reside by the way)

While Adia is now a pirate by heart and enjoys the sea, she does stay docked at Redstone’s harbor for sometime. It was during these periods of downtime that she discovered a hidden talent required after her unlife began. Her ability to control the darkness (All Vulkodlaks have this ability). After scouring through countless tombs and training her magic, she’s become one of the most powerful Vulkodlaks in Anora (Anora is the name of the planet or world rather). The only ones not put off by her abilities are Flariabor and Ebidiah, whom she has had dealings with in the past. The three aren’t exactly what you would call friends, but after they join up with Bloodspire and co. they become good allies. Even though the vült (Flariabor) and rukori (Ebidiah) piss her off like there’s no tomorrow.

Adia has one other companion: a dyecrow that was cursed by the name of Shade. (He is Tokage’s love interest even though he doesn’t reciprocate her affections)

Adia’s powers include (but not limited to) controlling shadows, disappearing into a cloud of black smoke, summoning ravens to fight for her, and bursting into a cloud of ravens. (All female Vulkodlaks have the ability to control ravens and such; all males have the power over bats)

Adia may be scrawny in appearance, but she more than makes up for it with her mastery of the Dark element.

Adia’s personality takes some getting use to. She is a bitch with a capital 'B' and is quite mean and very cynical. She doesn’t take shit from anyone and if she thinks you are badmouthing her or her…ahem… friends (and I use that term loosely), she will put you in your place. She won’t kill you; just beat the living crap out of you.

And there we have another Legend of the Blood Moon bio out of the way. Enjoy.
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