The United Picture

Well, it took me a few days, but I finally got the hang of Photoshop enough to put a roster of my team together. This is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Long over due and I think it was time I put my team together.

So meet the Allied Avengers, the Super Saviors, Justice Ten-fold, The United!!

They say that heroes are born in the face of danger. It was a day that no one will ever forget. They sky was dark with evil, not a soul on Earth was untaken by the pressence that haunted the Earth. And then it came, an army of monsters from beyond the stars, led by a mad titan who thought himself a god with an aim to prove it. For days, the Earth's defenses struggled to hold back this on going threat. Across the globe, ten mighty warriors of different paths and origins fought to protect their home. Eventually, the threat united them, and though it was not easy, the ten heroes fought off the invading monsters and the Evil that ruled them, bringing peace back on Earth. Although it was unsure if these heroes would still stand together, they were celebrated for their victory anyway. Then, came the idea: Alone, they were powerful. But together, they were Unstoppable and Undefeatable. Now brought together by a common goal to defend the Earth from threats that the innocent cannot, they fight the fights no one hero can do alone. To the civilains of the world, they are heroes. To the Villains that lurk in the shadows, they are their greatest threat. They are heroes, they are guardian angles, they are... The United.
Quick Bio: The United is the world's first and foremost superhero team of the 21st century. Alone, they stood against threats that threaten those close to them. But then, the heroes of Earth were united when an evil being known as "The Monster Master" invaded the Earth with his army of monsters and generals. It was on that day, Psykinetic, Empress, Captain Hollywood, Kayn, Demigod, Zoomorph, Toonman, Aquatide, Blind Bowman, and Blitz were united together for the first time. The team had a rocky start, just having formed and with little leadership and organization to the team. But through everything, they banneded together and forced the Wannabe God back from whence he came. Shortly After, the Team was disbanded, left to clean up the remains of their home cities. Then, two of the team's heroes called a meeting with an idea: They had realized that the Earth and the Universe was growing more dangerous every day, that threats were becoming to great for one hero to go at alone. But they knew that they did not have to go about it alone. With their hands in a circle, they made a vow. To always be there ready and willing to fight the fights no one hero could do alone. They became "The United", a group of superheroes united with a common goal to defend the Earth from threats both on and off world. They fight to keep the peace between the nations of the world, and to avenge the acts of those who have fallen victim to criminal ways.

Team Roster:

Psykinetic (Team Co-leader)
When the team first formed, it was the experience of Psykinetic and Empress, Earth's first two heroes, who were called upon to lead the team. After the team disbanded, the two heroes decided to keep in touch. After much talk and debate, the two came to realize just how important the team was in saving the world together, and it was he and Empress who convinced that the team could do more good. The two were elected co-leaders after much debate. Although he is one of the most selcusive members of the team, Psykinetic is thankful to have friends whom he has common history with, especially those with more tragic pasts like his. Psykinetic has formed a very special relationship with Empress, since the two lost their parents at a very young age and suffer from tragic pasts to overcome. Thier relationship borders on Doctor/Patient, but it continues to grow with each encounter with each other. Psykinetic also has great respect for Toonman's happy, go-lucky personality.

As Co-Leader of the team, it's Psykinetic's job to lead the team with when things look down. Serve as a form of insperation and hope. His experience as a hero rivals only that of Empress's. Psykinetic also helps to teach his teammates how to look at their enemies from a investigator's point of view, analyzing every detail and figuring out how to get inside the villain's head. Psykinetic is also one of the team's powerhouses, with his vast strong psychic powers leanding a hand when most needed. In addition, Psykinetic acts as the psychic link between his teammates on stealth and undercover missions. This makes him uncomfortable though, as he does not like using his telepathy. Thankfully, the team is helping him come to terms with using it as they go.

Empress (Team Co-Leader)
When the team first formed, it was Empress and Psykinetic who lead the team into a glorious battle. The two then decided that the team was good for the world, and were elected co-leaders on a mission. As one of the heads of the group, Empress is the most strong-willed and ready to do right by any cause. As far as relationships with the team go, she pretty much gets along with just about everyone. She shares a very close big-sis, little-sis relationship with teammate Blitz, and has high respect for Captain Hollywood not falling into stereotypical Hollywood arrogance and self-love. She must also ward of Toonman's flirtacious relationship at times, but she cannot come out as gay as the team has agreed not to go into each others personal lifes for the safety of others. She does break this with Psykinetic though, and the two share a real best-friend relationship which borders just beyond that of a doctor/patient relationship, her helping Psy with his past and Psy coucling her on her own.

As Co-Leader of the United, Empress fills a very important role among the team. She is one of two people whom the team looks to for insperation and hope in the face of danger, as she is the first famle superhero of the 21st century and has probably the most experience on the team. Empress's powers make her one of the powerhouses on the team, with her ability to manipulate plants, earth, wind, weather and with her power ever growing. With her knowledge of flora and herbs, Empress often acts as one of the team's healer as a well, tending to the hurt when needed.

Captain Hollywood (Team Fieldman)
When the team came together, Captain Hollywood played an important role both during and after the team's formation. As one of the brains behind the team, Capt. help build the team headquarters on the Island of Righteousness. Captain Hollywood acts as the team's middle man when things are getting rough between the members of the team, as he's used to doing it on set for many of his films. As one of two teammates without powers, Captain Hollywood shares a close friendship with Blind Bowman. The two share many ideals together, such a dream for a better tomorrow for eahc of their respected base of operations(Sherwood and Los Angeles). The only two people Capt. doesn't really get along with are Aquatide and Demigod. Aquatide because he thinks that the man is a jerk who doesn't even want to be part of the team, and Demigod because he thinks his power is to great for one man. Captain Hollywood also has a budding friendship going withspeedster Blitz. Whether that is going somewhere reamains to be seen.

As the Team Fieldman, Captain Hollywood work both behind and on the battle fields. His knack for technology has helped him create the team's base of operations as well as the team's many gadgets and mean of transportation. Capt. has taken it upon himself to teach his teammates hand-to-hand combat to prevent them from becoming defenseless without their powers. His knack for acting and mastert of disguise also make him perfect for undercover missions. Also, due to his publicly good image, it is Capt. who usually adresses the press or leaders of nations to discuss diplomacy.

Kayn (Team Occultist)
No one thought that the legends were true. Many of them just thought that Dracula was not real, let alone that he would have a son. But low and behold, the legends are true. The team has met the Son of Dracula, and in all honesty, they were a little less taken with him. Kayn's heritage and seclusive personality kind of make him off putting. It is said that Kayn is only on the team because he thinks he has found allies to aid him in his quest to eliminate vampires from the world. Whatever his reasons, Kayn's sense of right and wrong make him a good fit for the team, but his belief in killing and deathwish acts often make the team rethink their decision. While not one for friends, Kayn has found a tolerable friendship with Aquatide, who he sympathizess with about being an outsider.

As the Occolt and Supernatural Expert of the team, Kayn is there to aid the team against all things that they do not understand. Kayn has begun to teach the team how to know when a supernatural occurance has, well, occured and how to fend off against it. Kayn also acts as the team's go to leader for when his father, Dracua, attacks. Kayn usually appears more when the team REALLY needs him, otherwise he is in Transylvania or of somewhere dealing with an occultic problem.

Demigod (Team Tank)
He may look like a god, but to the restt of his teammates he is just as mortal as the rest of them. Demigod's strong convictions and sense of morals make him a perfect addition to the team. He is happy to be using his power to defend the world, and he is glad he has found others that share his feelings too. Demigod gets along with just about everyone on the team, safe for Captain Hollywood, whom believes that all his power is going to one day go to his head. He has made fast friends with Blind Bowman, who also works with youths in his secret-identity life. As a professor, Demigod is eager to learn from his fellow teammates, whether is is the occult from Kayn, the Ocean World from Aquatide, the alternate dimension of Toontown from Toonman, or Life beyond the stars from Blitz.

Demigod is essentially the Team Tank, even though he doesn't like to be called that. His strength, invunerablity, immortality, and mystical powers make him a match for any threat that comes to the United. Demigod also acts as an emmbassador between his friends and the gods of Olympius, Asgard, and Egypt when their are dealing with a mythological force. Demigod hopes that they can be more allies than enemies, and has already picked out his replacements or when he is needed elsewhere.

Zoomorph (Team Scout)
When the Earth was threaten, Zoomorph was not too sure he could help defend it. Nevertheless, he stepped up and proved his worth to the other team. As one of the last heroes to be made public before the invasion, Zoomorph has the least experience of being a hero on the team. But as said before, he has proven himself and they see a lot of potential in him. As the youngest member, Zoomorph thinks he is treated less than an equal on the team, but keeps it to himself in fear he will be kicked off if he says something. Regardless, he has found many parental-relationships with many of the team's members, such as Blind Bowman, Demigod, Empress, Psykinetic, and Captain Hollywood. He has also become best bros with Toonman, who always somehow manages to rope him into his whacky shenanigans whenever he is feeling down.

While he is still in training, Zoomorph has already found himself as the Team Scout. His animal forms and senses make him the go-to for tracking enemies and finding out what goes on behind enemy lines. Zoomorph's skills grow and develope as he works with the team. He is learning trakcing from Blind Bowman, Combat from Captain Hollywood, and Leadership skills from Empress and Psykinetic.

Toonman (Team WildCard)
When the world was threatened, Toonman mostly made a lot of jokes and kicked monsters in their crotch. But his powers made him a valuable member of the team. He was the first to second the nomination for putting the team back together after the disbandment. Due to his cartoonish nature, many of the heroes see him as an annoying joke. Toonman is often messing with or pulling pranks on his fellow members, but when the time calls he gets serious and does his heroic duties, which makes him respectable again. Toonman considers himself to be friends with everyone on the team, including Zoomorph, Aquatide(although HE will never admit it), and a flirtatious relationship weith Blitz and Empress. Toonman has also gotten major respect from Psykinetic, who sees Toonman as the truest hero of the team not for his powers, but for his good-person nature.

Toonman's role on the team is an important one. He is the Wildcard. His cartoon phsyicology and powerset, along with the fact that normal laws of physics do not apply to him, make him an unpredicatable member of the team. When the chips are down, Toonman always has a trick or two up his sleeve to get them out of any situation. It is because of him that the team has decided to never be without a cartoon character on the roster.

Aquatide (Team Brawler)
Although he wont admit it, Aquatide is grateful for the team. When the world was being threatened, Aquatide was contempt finding on his own. Believing the job would get done faster if he teamed up with the others, Aquatide helped saved the world from invading monsters. It is said that Aquatide only joined up on the team so he could get the NAVY off his back. Aquatide often butts heads with his fellow teammates, whether it is the strongheaded Empress, The upbeat Captain Hollywood, or the boyscout Zoomorph. Aquatide has found a pleasent moderate friendship with Kayn, and unfortunately he has found himself in the unwanted friendship of Toonman(though he is grateful for it, though he won't admit it).

As the Team Brawler, Kayn brings headstrong military training to the team. He is always ready for a fight, and doesn't mind going up against bigger, tougher opponents. Aquatide's powers also make him a formidable assest to sea-based missions, whether it is rescue duty or stopping a torpedo from destroying a ship. Aquatide also acts as a unwilling ambassador to Atlantis.

Blind Bowman (Team Sniper)
Don't let his blindness fool you. Blind Bowman is one of the most formidable members of the team. He demands that no one treat him differently for his disability, and everyone respects him for it. Blind Bowman has made good friends with many of the United Member's, most notably Captain Hollywood whom he is sharing his archery skills with in exchange for Kung Fu lessons. Additionally, he has found a kindrid spirit in BLitz who is amazed at all Blind Bowman has accomplished despite his disability. He is also discussing with Empress to solve the homeless problem in both of their respected cities.

Naturally, Blind Bowman fills the role as the Team Sniper. His ecolocation and heightened sense make him perfect for bullseyeing the targets. He also works with Zoomorph as the trackers of the team, as well as as one of the key fieldmen with Captain Hollywood. Blind Bowman is also teaching his fellow United members to use weapons of multiple varieties.

Blitz (Team Speedster)
Hailing from Off-World, Blitz often felt alone until the invasion happened. It was then that she found others like her with extraordinary powers. Blitz was the one who warned them of who was invading Earth, and she was a key player in the saving of Earth. She totally jumped aboard when the team got back together to defend Earth from Further threats. As the only other female on the team, Blitz has found a big sister in Empress, and the two are often seen hanging out in the headquarters. She has also found good friends in Zoomorph and Blind Bowman, as well as a funny flirtatious friendship with Toonman. Blitz also has become really close with teammate Captain Hollywood, and whether or not it will spark into something more remains to be seen.

Naturally, Blitz is the resident speedster of the team. Her superspeed and agility make her a valuable asset to the team. As such, Blitz is often put on resuce duty, help people in natural disasters or impending invasions. Blitz likes being on the front line of rescue duty, as it helps push herself farther with her powers and her duties as a hero. And although she hasn't seen all of space, she is the go-to expert on the team for incoming threats from alien species and technology.

Base of Operations:
While the team often travels a lot, it was an idea to build a location where they could all meet and train. The team decided they would meet on the East Coast on an Island created by Empress. The Island is known as The Island of Righteousness(a name picked out by Toonman). It has a structural foundation similar to ancient temple of myth, a design inspired the by the gods of old and Demigod. The island is equipped with state of the art vascilities design to train and improve the skills of each member respectfully. There are rooms to share with each member, a meeting hall, cafeteria, world-wide investigation computer, and a hanger for transportation.

With the formation of The United, comes enemies too great for one hero to fight. Many of the Enemies found with the United are listed, but not limited too:
  • Travail and the Monster Empire
  • The Gallery of Rogues
  • S.W.A.R.M.
  • The Trenchdwellers
  • Gods of Old
  • The Herd
  • Many old enemies and villains

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