Scream Academy app Picture


Name: Áine Bancor (Awnya)
Age: 17 (looks 12 - 13)
Gender: female
Height: 5'1''
Species: Banshee
Classes: Music and PE
Quotes: "How pathetic." "I-I was not talking about that!"
Personality: Tsundere. Áine can be bossy, but prefers to avoid social contact because people annoy him. He likes the cold weather of the academy and has no problems with it. His voice is FAAAAAAAAAAABULOS but when he wish, he can make you deaf. He is a banshee tho he's male so if he starts so scream like crazy around you, run, because that means that you'll die. The number of screams he screams is the number of days you'll have until you die. Which means if he screams once, you'll die in the night of that day : D
Extras: He'll use his cuteness to get something from you if he can. Loves colored stuff, but is always using clothes in gray or black. His name is the name, in mythology, of a goddess of fairies. This is his original form, but as a banshee, he can also appear with the looks of someone with 20 years, a middle-aged man or a fragile old man. He can also transform into some animals.
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