Proskenion of Milos Picture

Yay, another hybrid character. Pretty much the result of a necromancer, who also turned out to be a taxidermist and a lover of old mythology, who couldn't get his hands on a human and a goat, so instead created a satyr by sewing mule legs to a demon's body and resurrect the whole.

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Name: Proskenion of Milos
Nickname: The satyr
Birthday: 12th of August
Age: 19 physical years, 34 chronological years
Species: Originally a demon, became a satyr type of hybrid afterwards
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Significant other: Single
Occupation: Works for the necromancer who made him, Diagoras
Religion: Deist
Physical description: Proskenion has a fairly light skin and dark brown horns. He has shoulder-long red hair and green eyes. His cheeks and shoulders are covered in freckles.

He has the white legs of a mule and a long, furry tail. These did not belong to his body upon birth, but were added in an experiment. As a result, there are small scars visible around the hips, where the legs were the limbs had been conjoined with the rump.

He dresses in the way his master asks of him, that being the traditional way a satyr would dress. He has a long brown loincloth hanging around the waist and brown fingerless gloves. The upper arms are decorated with brown bands, and the tail has a couple of bands as well. He wears a necklace with green and red gems. He often carries decorated a staff with him.
Personality: Yet to be added.
Likes: Fruit, chasing after things and running, the sound of his hooves when he walks
Dislikes: Yet to be added.
Strengths: Yet to be added.
Weaknesses: Yet to be added.
- He did not choose 'Proskenion of Milos' to be his new name. Daigoras chose it for him because it sounds mythological, and because the city where he created him was named Milos.

Proskenion was just a regular guy before he became a satyr. When he got captured, he had been an assassin for a couple of years, but he considered his life to be rather empty. The necromancer that captured him, Daigoras, was infatuated with mythology. He had captured another man already, the man whose body would be used as a vessel for Proskenion. As a result of this, he turned the man into a satyr by killing him, removing his legs, adding mule legs and a tail to the body and healing the body up again. The body was still soulless, and that is where Proskenion played his role. His soul was extracted from his body, and his new body would be the newly formed satyr. Making use of his complete disorientation, Diagoras told him his name was Proskenion, not his real name. He saw this as a nice change and accepted what the man told him. He left behind his old life and started working for Diagoras.

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