Things that I love Picture

from right, clockwise:

1. gold eyes: EVERY great man has gold eyes!!! ^^ (EDWARD and rest of cullens, edward elrich, inuyasha, cornilius the faery prince (lol), demitri from anastasia...the list goes on!)
2. apple: I LOVE TWILIGHT and reading
3. dragon and chick: (she's spose to be a goddess) b/c i love mythology
4. blackbird: (suppose to be a raven) poe is an awsome poet and i wish more ppl my age would appreciate his work
5. pyramids: egypt
6. purple orange and green stripe: some of my fave colors
7. moon: i love the night
8. zodiac symbols (leo, gemini, taurus, capricorn): i find astrology interesting, and each one of those represents someone speacial to me ^^
9. colored pencils: my fave medium to work with; i love art
10. breaking benjamin, three days grace, and music symbols: i love alternative rock XD
11. lillies: my fave flower
12. feather w/ pawprint and green string: love animals!!!
13. the huge blue circle in background: another fave color
14. 3 cats at top: i love my kitties!

the only things i dont like about it are the woman (goddess) looks wierd, the cats' eyes...and i forgot to color in the bite in the apple lol

art homework assignment that took 2 weeks to do; prismacolor on sketchbook paper
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