Wakahisa Toshiyuki Picture

Name: Toshiyuki (given name) Wakahisa (surname)
Name Meanings: (Toshiyuki) "Clever and happy"; (Wakahisa) "Forever Young"
Age: (Physically) 24; Unknown
Race: Kitsune
Hair: Red-brown; dyed frequently and with varying styles.
Eyes: Amber-brown
Occupation: Student; N/A
Temperament: Lazy, easy-going, and fairly mischeivous given the opportunity. Has a very close, sibling-type relationship with Sage Torkelsen and is her roommate.

Sadly, like poor Cernunnos, I ended up removing this character from the novel because he kept tangling my plotlines and throwing plot-holes at me.

[link] by ~Nikuzilla

EDIT: Fixed the shading on the skin and the lineart.
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