Ahti Saarelainen Picture

A quick thing, this here. Lemminkäinen is a man of many names, but that can also be due to the possibility of different folklore characters mixing up. I'm really starting to root for this guy asidsjdfasgdf he has a lovely hair and a flaming sword and a flaming horse and everything.
Ahti Islander would be the translation to his name up there, Lemminkäinen, Lemmi's son or however you want to call him. If it's fancy, I'm sure he'll like it.

In Finnish mythology singing is the way to use magic. Once Lemminkäinen went to Lapland and just sung all the men - brave ones with their weapons, young and old and middle-aged - into rocks in the rivers and fishless ponds and to unplowed lands. He left one lappman alone and the man got angry, because Lemminkäinen said he wasn't good enough for him to sing.
Then the guy killed Lemminkäinen and his mom had to drag him from the river of death and put him together again.
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