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If there is a reason why I'm proud of this artwork, it's the fact that it was extremely well received by the community. It was created with the thought of being a joke at my own expense and ended up being updated more than three times, found its way to someone's favourites 127 times (almost four times more often than the runner up in the category of my most popular deviations), was viewed over 16,472 times, accumulated 373 comments and was downloaded (perhaps due to its large size) 565 times.

I cannot express how much grateful I am to every single person who honoured this artwork by adding it to their favourites, left their comments, featured it, contributed to its popularity, shared it with their friends and made this wonderful dream come true.

At the beginning, I thought that achieving the milestone of 100 additions to favourites was something that I would have to wait years for, but now that this milestone is behind us, I'm raising the bar to 20 000 views or 200 favourites or 1000 downloads. Perhaps I'll devote some time to update the artwork once more.

Once again, a millionfold thank you from the bottom of my heart for contributing to this unbelievable success.

If you wonder if you can copy the boldface categories in the biography below, instead of writing them yourself or using them secretly and hoping that I'll never find out that you used them, my answer is YES, you can use this format to write comments in the comments for your identification pictures, in the comments for other artworks or anywhere on your profile. If you would like to place a link to this artwork on a website outside DA, you have my permission, but please don't get me in trouble by posting it in inappropriate places, websites visited by people of suspectible reputation.

Because this is an ongoing experiment, I can never be sure of the reactions of the audience. Because I want to be as honest as possible with my audience, I must admit that the attention this artwork receives helps me to research a way to use keywords in a way that is more ethical than keyword spamming without a relevant context. I work for an advertising firm primarily for the high ethical standards that the owner and his company follows. Otherwise I wouldn't be there...

Sex Male
Sexual orientation Heterosexual
Tolerance towards Asexual Homosexual (Gay / Lesbian) Bisexual Transgendered Androgynous
Most friends are Female
Star sign Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
Name I once pretended to have Saturnin (yes, it's derived from the name of the planet Saturn and it's an existing name. I believe I liked it, because Saturn is located in my ascendant, but I didn't know that back then. I picked this name intuitively.
Preferred names I prefer original, melodic names, even invented ones as long they aren't too hard to pronounce, stupid and pretentious. I like names that end with -ja (-lja, -nja etc.) and -nta. Some of my favourite names are: Pentesilea, Wenanta, Nawia, Sylwanja, Metalia, Nawantarja, Allielle, Paene, Sirenja, Trisstanja.
Heritage of the surname There was a soccer player who had the surname "Liberda". This surname differs just by one letter from out surname, but you can see that these surnames are related. The origin of this word is the word "Liberta" which means "freedom".
Influence of the surname on the "personality" of the family Either the surname influenced our personalities, or people chose the word for our surname very accurately (there were times, where most people didn't have any surnames and surnames were given out as a sign of honour. For example a guy was named Głowacki <głowa means "head"> because he clogged the enemy's cannon with his hat), but either way this surname matches the "personality" of our family well, since we are very independent people. My own family is very independent/rebellious both in thinking (esoteric interests) as in the matters of lifestyle (we don't mind being quite poor as long we get along with each other well. We observe our materialistic neighbours everyday as they work their hands off even though they are wealthy and this ensures us that don't want to live like them).
Did someone ever prnounce my name wrong? In primary school a guy wrote my name with the wrong "u" (Jakób), in college some girl wrote my name like this:"Jukub" and it happened a lot of times that someone had mistaken me for my brother, although we don't even look alike...
Heritage of the nickname When I was on my way to highschool on the first day of school, I carried a plastic bag with an additional pair of shoes inside, because I didn't know whether changing shoes in order to avoid making the floor dirty is required or not. There was an advertisment on the side of the plastic bag of the dog food brand you probably already recognised. Some guys noticed it and began to call me like "Pedigree". It annoyed me at first, but after a few days of being exposed to this moniker, I began to like it. When guys found out that I liked it, they stopped calling me like that. I used the nickname ever since. As for the second segment of my pseudonym... the Anti-paladin is a character from the turn based RPG/Fantasy-strategy game that I simply adore, called Disciples II. I found the Anti-paladin (in Polish the word for Anti-paladin comes without that ugly hyphen, so I prefer to write "Antipaladin") quite interesting and discovered that this character somehow reflects the darker side of my personality. Of course, you don't have to worry that this darker side will bring suffering to anyone. By "darker side" I mean the aspects of our personality that we supress, because we do not want and are unable to constructively incorporate them into our lives. This part of our soul is represented by Lilith in astrology.
Date of birth 16th of May 1985 about 6.10 PM.
What was my birth like I was the second child, because my sister was a stillborn baby. I was also 'dead' for the half of an hour and I had to be reanimated. The doctors used some electrodes and "modern" technology to bring me back to life. Finally my mum promised me that I'll get my own apple tree if I decide to live, because a voice in her head told her to do so (she was poor and had nothing else to promise than her in-law's orchard). I got "tricked" into existance and here I am... Of course, it sounds unbelievable, but I've seen and experienced a lot of much stranger things in my own life, so there is no reason to doubt in her words. The most funny thing about my traumatic birth was the fact that there was no place for my data in a special notebook, which contains data that is the basis for the birth certificate, so they had to get a new notebook and I was the FIRST on the long list. It was practically like a "FIRST POST!!!1!ONE!ONE!1!!!" Perhaps now you'll understand where my ambition comes from.
Starsign Taurus with Gemini influences (I was born 5 days before the sun moved into the sign of Gemini) Rising Strongly Scorpio Moon location in Aries. My birthchart can be found and accessed from my deviantART profile.
Numerological birthpath 8 Numerological name birthpath 9.
Karma type basing on birthdate Judge: a just person, fighting with injustice and ignorance. A teacher or scientist.
Intelligence quotient I have taken 3 reliable tests so far and the result of the first test was 142 IQ and the result of the other one was 156 IQ. Of course, there are multiple types of intelligence: musical, logical, visual, emotional, verbal, etc.... I am extremely creative and imaginative, but I often find it difficult to harness practical skills like tinkering with electronicts, constructing machines or even tying ties...
Personality type 89% Introverted.
Left hemisphere or right dominant Right hemisphere. However, I manage to overcome logical and mathematical challenges of an average difficulty, which means that this hemisphere hasn't been neglected. Oh, and I have something called cross lateralisation. This means that when I use the direction keys and spacebar on my keyboard, for example while playing games, I cross my hands, press the spacebar with the fingers of my right hand and the directional keys with the fingers of my left hand. Or... if the keys responsible for moving a character in a game are: RFDG and the keys responsible for attacks are ASZX. My left hand presses the RFDG keys, while my right presses the ASZX keys. I get confused when I have to play in a "normal" way.
Giver or Taker Giver
Best trait of the following: Intelligence, Strength, Charisma, Luck, Perception, Endurance, Agility? 1.Intelligence 2.Endurance 3. Perception
Worst trait of the following:Intelligence, Strength, Charisma, Luck, Perception, Endurance, Agility? 1.Strength 2.Agility 3.Luck
Hand Right-handed
Heritage Earlier I'd answer the question about my heritage: "pure freakin' slavian", but I'm not so sure anymore. One of my ancestors was a wandering musician from the north of Poland, probably Kashubian. Maybe that's why I have a talent in languages?
Studying I studied German at a College in Zakopane and attended lectures in English. I'm considering going to University.
Gender Male (although it may seem obvious I had to write this, because when I had long hair, surprisingly many people thought I was a girl. I must have been the ugliest girl they have ever seen. Oh, and it was annoying that they always refered to me as a girl, when my friends or classmates were around. It was weird, that they didn't ask my comrades for directions, but me... and they had to begin with "Hey, girl...!"). Hey, don't look at me like that. It's not my fault some people are stupid. I begin to think that intelligence doesn't have anything to do with it. I found a ring that i wanted to return, but I wanted to make sure that the ring isn't fake. I went to a nearby jewelry shop and asked the female clerk if she could tell me if it's made of silver. This young woman was polite, intelligent, friendly, helpful, seemed sober, but for some reason she said "pani" (miss) instead of pan ("mister") when refering to me, even though I had a small but visible facial hair, a suite, I used masculine forms of verbs (a man says "jadłem"/I ate, but the female says "jadłam"/I ate), so mistaking me for a girl is out of the question. My mother believed that I may be the incarnation of her stillborn daughter, because she prayed desperately for her soul to return to her. Even though I'm extremely pragmatic (I tend to believe in new concepts only when they appeal to my logic and when putting them into practice/testing them on myself bears positive results) and rather sceptic, I must admit that her theory on reincarnation explains quite a lot of things in relation to my life. For some reason I have almost no close friends that are males, I always found it easy to communicate with women (and thus I found this "war of the sexes" simply untrue) and always when I entered a new group (a new class in a new school, for example) I was either the only, or one of the two males in this class (and in two of such cases the other male dropped out or joined in the last grade). Also... for some reason I have a female memory. Males remember only what they need and females remember things of random relevance. I have such a memory.
Sexual orientation Completely straight, but I don't mind watching lesbian couples...
Opinions on sex, marriage and children I hate unresponsible sex, sex in early age for "fun", mindless promiscuity, especially when it results in spreading the word (AIDS/HIV), obscenity that isn't even funny, pedophiles and other d a n g e r o u s sexual deviants (excluding harmless people like homosexuals because they don't do any harm to innocent people), primitivity and pr0n involving disrespect for women, violence, torture, animals, child pornography, etc. By pr0n I don't mean nice, elegant, tasteful, refined, professional, respectful, original nude and semi-nude drawings, paintings, sculptures and photographs), sex without a n y emotional relationship/commitment, cheating on partners, treating others like sex objects, abusive, egoistic, stupid, primitive partners, women who think that there is n o t h i n g wrong with abortion (sorry, but I find it really disgusting when a woman can kill her own child and it seems sooo unnatural to me. Besides the child, or "it", whatever you call it, isn't guilty of having dumb parents, but it's the one who gets sacrificed. It just saddens me when people consider abortion a foolproof counterceptive method. In case of sexual violations and insufficient funds I would be more liberal, but it's only a few % of cases - the rest is just too comfort-loving to keep the baby:/ I also hate it when people justify abortion by turning the marginal percentage of cases of pregnancies resulting from incest into a real plague. Oh man, now I turned out to be a male chauvinistic pig who hates male and female chauvinistic pigs. That's great... And no, I don't support males who make girls pregnant and then run away.), bad parents, violence towards children as punishment (it's so easy to hit someone who can't hit back nor defend!) and non-stress raising (perfect way to raise a %^#%@^# egoist), egoistic lovers (listen to Rammstein's song "Rein Raus" and you'll get the picture), women who judge men because of their looks and the thickness of their wallets (perfect way to find someone who thinks that a nice face is a l l a woman needs to be happy in a relationship), faking anything in a relationship etc. There is a lot more things I loathe, but it depends on the fact if someone gets hurt or not. Personally I dislike open relationships, but I tolerate it as long as ALL partners know about it and accept it. But on the other hand I consider cheating on partners (unless they are some kind of son of a b***ches, who aren't any better) as one of the vilest thing one can do. It's the perfect way to show someone that this person isn't irreplaceable after all and all it takes to replace them is just the penis/vagina.
I prefer Being a true partner and sharing responsibilities - I'm doing something for her, she does the same for me, a fair household chores schedule, the eastern thoughts on love and intimacy - tantra, tao, kamasutra... Spiritual and intellectual connection between partners needed for deep understanding, one and only partner (have you heard about it, that men who had multiple partners at the same time had a much greater chance to get the cancer of prostate gland? Look it up in Google. Taoists say it's because the soul rebels against contact with the soul of someone who doesnt love the partner. It's similar to the way your soul/aura reacts when someone invaded your personal space), choosing a partner carefully (I have my own ways to ensure the most compatibility
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