Yuki-Onna Picture

Fun Fact about me: I've always been fascinated with Japanese mythology. Maybe it's because I grew up on watching shows like Inuyasha, but there was something about the country's lore that really intrigued me. One of them being the famed "Yuki-Onna", a snow spirit who would take the form of a beautiful pale woman, with blue lips and piercing eyes that can strike fear upon looking into them. One blow of her icy breath, and it would leave any wandering traveller into an instant freezing corpse. Pretty spooky I'll say...but what REALLY interests me about this creature is one of the legends surrounding it...believed to be called "Oyuki"


"Long ago, there lived a pair of woodcutters up on the snowy mountains. The older being Mosaku, the younger being Minokichi, his protege.

One cold winter's night, the pair got lost during a snowstorm as they were busy cutting down firewood, leaving them no choice but to take refuge in a seemingly abandoned hut nearby. Woken up in the middle of the night, Minokichi found a mysterious but beautiful maiden in pure white clothes...standing over a now deceased Mosaku who fell victim to her ice breath. Minokichi was going to suffer the same fate, had the snow spirit not stop upon sensing his innocence and youth. Deciding to spare the boy, the maiden turned to leave but gave a clear warning: If Minokichi ever told anyone about his encounter with her, she will surely come back and kill him with her ice breath...

Years passed, and Minokichi was now a young man. One fateful day he encountered a beautiful young lady, named Oyuki...and soon started up a near instant romance with her. It didn't take long for them to marry, and in years time produce many healthy, lovely children together. In that time, however, Oyuki never seemed to age a day from the first time Minokichi met her...while he naturally turned old and gray..

On yet another fateful night, as their children were in bed sleeping, Minokichi mentioned to his wife how much she made him think of a mysterious snow woman he met as a child...with her everlasting beauty and piercing eyes. Suddenly, Oyuki stood and in a rage she revealed that SHE herself, was the very same snow spirit he met so many years ago. She had told him not to tell his secret, yet he went and did so anyway. At that moment Minokichi was expecting her to breath her deadly ice breath on him....yet she strangely did not. Calming down, Oyuki said that she will once again spare her husband...for he was a good man to both her, and their beloved children. Bidding him farewell, and making him promise never to take care of their family...she disappeared into the winter night and was never seen from that moment again.."


...So yeah, pretty fascinating stuff. In the pic above I drew up a scene where Oyuki herself is watching over her sleeping husband, only briefly showing her true form while he was off dreaming sweet dreams. She yearns for the day she could safely show this side to her love, but she knew that if he broke his promise that she would have to surely kill him. Unbeknownst to Oyuki, in the doorway one of their daughters (around the age of 3-6) catches her mother in the act and stands in horror as she slowly transforms into her true Yuki-Onna form. I suppose you can't always trust the ones you call family...

The story of Oyuki (as well as the whole mythos of Yuki-Onna) do not belong to Me
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