[Marvel OC] Kar Thorn Official Profile Picture

Name: Karen Elizabeth Manic, Alias: Kar Thorn

Age: 20

Birth Date: March 23, Aries

Species: Human

Race: American, but she has a German racial background

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Family: Eric Manic (genetic father) Bethany Manic (genetic mother) Tiffy Lavender Manic (step-mother) Mike Lavender Manic (step-brother)

Best friends (in the series): Prue Crane, Cloud Sin, Snow Crorey, Kikuri Tachigami, Kit Ichimaru, Cristal Hellscythe, Shade Stone, Cinnamon, Selios

Past Love Interests: Robin Final

Current Love Interest: Loki Laufeyson (not for curtain)

Main Enemy(ies): MJL, the Light Giver, Bird

Likes: Norse Mythology, gold, money, reading, mechanics, building machines, listening to music, singing, chocolate, fancy suits, weapons, the color red, and training

Dislikes: loosing fights, hypocrisy, most girly things, ghost stories, snakes, zombies, handcuffs, police officers, the color pink, and dresses

Eye Color: Bright red (due to a scientific medicine called ‘Venom’)

Hair Color: Black with natural red highlights (also due to ‘Venom’)

Skin Tone(s): she is slightly pale

Extra Anatomy: N/A

Body Type: Average healthy body type

Height: 5’8

Weight: 133 lb.

Personality: Kar is a bit of a trickster and is rather tough. Though she always willing to help those in need, she only does it if it benefits herself. She is a total smartass and speaks out quirky puns every time that she can, to the point where she rather an annoyance if she works in a team. She is also a manipulator that can convince people to be on her side. Though through the wise cracking and mischievous exterior there lays an open hearted girl going through troubled times. If you know well you can see past her tough personality to see a depressed young women who’s trying to escape her past failures. She hides her sadness by showing off and acting as if she doesn’t care what others think and shows a bit of sass towards others.

Goals in life: Kar’s main goal is to prove herself. She wants to be famous and show the world that you don’t need to be a good person to be a hero. She follows her own rules and rather save people the way she believes they need to be saved.

Occupation/Job: N/A

Level of Education: Her education level is mainly self taught. It is mostly in Engineering

Language(s) Spoken: English (first), German (was taught at a young age, but she is prone to curse in this language)

Powers/Abilities/Talents: When Kar was a baby she was connected to a spirit Soul Reaper named Dream Killer. With him she can heal faster than an average person and has a high pain tolerance

Alternate Forms: she refers this as her “Siren Form” where Dream Killer spirit takes control, of her body like a puppet and becomes whole again. This causes her hands to turn into black claws, and her face turned completely black and her face is distorted into white soulless eyes and a sharp toothed smile.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Kar carries a variety of weapons, and she tents to switch between them. She has owns and crafted herself:

- a giant axe she nicknamed ‘Ultra’

- two pistols she nick names ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ that shoot customized bullets she made herself

- a dagger

- and smoke bombs, which she uses on stealth mission

~her belt allows her to hold the two guns and can hold three smoke bombs and are hidden under her coat. She also has clipped a magnet to the back of the coat so she can hold her axe on her back. More info: xxicyhazardxx.deviantart.com/a…

Best means of transportation: Motorcycle

Pets/Special Animals: She has a pet ice dragon named Zennith. She had saved the pet when she was battling MJL

Scars/Deformities: Kar has many scars going down her back and arms. They all are perfectly strait lines, and she had gotten them when she was being hit with electrical wire and was being whipped by them by MJL.

Diseases/Conditions: Kar has Bi Polar Disorder
and she also can have panic attacks in high stress filled situations, and she also has paranoia

Medications: She has pills for her Bi-Polar disorder

Addictions/Dependencies: Kar smokes at frequent times. Mainly when she is tried and needs a little wakeup call

Contacts: N/A

Piercings/Tattoos: she has a nose ring piercing on the left side of her nose

Fashion Sense: Black mixed with red to match her hair. She wears a ton of layers and loves to wear leather. She also loves wearing hats, especially fedoras. Kar isn’t really into hip fashion, she just wears what she find comfortable.

Hobbies: Building mechanics and riding her motorcycle. And she also reads Norse Mythology book to pass the time

Special/Significant Belongings: She carries what she called her “good luck charm”. It is a ripped piece of paper from an old Norse Mythology book that has a picture of Loki on it, along with his basic information. And on the back she wrote in black ink “THE ONLY ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS. RED, BLACK, GREEN, GOLD”. She carries this with her in her back pocket because Loki (in the stories and books) was her favorite God, and was inspired by him.

Voice: She has a deep yet feminine voice.

-“Okay maybe it isn’t that bad” (she says in every bad situation)

- heiligen Hölle verdammte Scheiße! (When she curses most of the time)

-“Bitch cunt!” (Her signature insult)

- “go ahead! Hit me!”

- “It ain’t what you can and can’t do asshole. It’s what your able to prove”

Phobias: Chronophobia, the fear of the future, Kinemortophobia, the fear of Zombies, Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes

Obsessions: She obsessed with Norse Gods, due to her reading a ton of Norse Mythology

Sociability: Kar prefers to be alone most of the time. But over all she is able to be social to others if she encountered, but she will not trust them until otherwise.

Outlook: Kar’s outlook on life is like a game of poker. You play your cards right and you earn enough coins to live a happy life. If you pick wrong then you lose everything. And sometimes you have to cheat your way out.

Tidiness/Cleanliness: Kar is very sloppy and doesn't tent to clean up after herself unless told to.

Bravery: she is willing to do anything to reach her goal. Though she has limits if it involves snakes or being involved with anything paranormal. Other than that she can show herself to be very brave.

Strength: Kar has high stamina and is always full of energy. She is also trained in military combat, thank to her friend Robin Final. She is also skilled in gymnastics, mainly back flips and the splits being her only moves when used in combat.

She also has a keen eye thanks to the Venom in her eyes. Her red eyes allow her perfect vision for shooting long distance. And she has most aim with her right hand.

Kar for most of her life has been taught how to build her own machines since she was 14 years old. She had kept this knowledge with her and has shown herself to be a average skilled engineer

Guilty pleasure: Kar is actually a big fan of Romantic comedies. She actually prefers the really cheesy ones because of how adorable she fines the couples. Even if the couples protrude in the movie are really bad or just plain awful characters

Weaknesses: -

-And though Kar is able to heal faster than an average person, it only work if Dream Killer decides to help her (since they share the same brain and body) and that can weaken her in a fight because it puts her through a lot of pain and sometimes even cause her to collapse if not careful

-Kar also has quick reflexes, to the point where it affects her and her teammates. She is very paranoid and even the smallest noise can cause her to turn sharply and shoot her gun or swing a punch at whatever could be behind her. This could cause a few slip ups with teammates, much leading them to get hurt. And it causes Kar to become stressed which will cause to her going into a panic attack

Fears: she fears a lot around her since she has paranoia. But her two main fears are snakes and zombies (mainly ones she seem in the movies and TV shows).

Theme Songs: My Demons by Starset (main theme) www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpCHsO…

Beginning of the End by Spineshank www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkqAIo…

Wrong by Depeche Mode www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5e0z1…

My Leftovers by Tramcelian and the Tramps:www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej65nz…

Mutter (Rammstein) piano version by Myuuji www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y7yqB…

Relationships: Loki Laufeyson- Though she originally thought that this was not the real Norse God of Mischief. When they meant it was like fire and gasoline. The two develop a rather close partnership and eventually started to enjoy each other’s company. Still they do have several disagreements and can look down at each other’s faults and on occasions scold each other over several things (I mean they just don’t start liking one another’s interest, right?)

Nick Fury – All though he is the only S.H.E.I.L.D Agent that she knows, his impression on her is very negative. Kar has been denied to becoming an Agent and because of that she annoys Fury with burning passion. Nick Fury’s attempts to hide most top secrets things from Kar but her quick winded mind and spirit can always cut through and get in the way. In either god or bad situations.

Tony Stark – Tony is the only Avengers team member she knows very well. And the two have a very stricted rivalry. Tony call Kar “his mini me” considering she can build machines and attempted to copy works on his Iron Man suit. Though to the people of New York they rather prefer Tony as the real hero, Kar is determined to bright him down. They’re not really enemies, they’re more like “team members with stricted opinions and abilities”, as stated by Bruce Banner.

Deadpool 'Wade Wilson' - Though they may have met under odd events, Deadpool and Kar became friends right on the spot. The two are very alike in personality and share the same hobbies when it comes to being Anti-Hero's. Though some say Kar may of had a little crush on Deadpool but that's not for certain.

History/Backstory: The History of Kar Thorn

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