Jawalky Marks Men Picture

My own mythology creature of Eden Jewalky Marks Men

Name: Unknown
Nick name: Jawalky Marks Men, Ghost Marks Men, Phantom snipers, Dead Eye creeps, Yellow Glowing Eyes people
Specie: Unknown
Race: Native american
Tribe: Jawalky?

About them: The Jawalky tribe are known to be best and terrifying creatures of the west. Armed with custom Winchester or other rifles they always mien business when crossing their territory in the woods. Many people in counter them at night terrify by the glowing yellow eyes they have and how tall they are. They stay as a pack in groups of 4 or 6 hiding in plain sights we did not expected. There was one report that a man been shot multiple time after having his horse stepped on one of the Mark Men's hand who is laying down and hiding. Also they're fiends with a old man who understands them and traded supply and others and years past when the old man died in age and the Jawalkies gave him a gave for him and stand watch for grave robber that for that a roomers said the old man have gold with him and a map to a mine shaft. But Jawalky will never let any one comes to his grave and dig it up. Many has gone to combat but against the Jawalky Marks Men but they always prepare them self with hiding location ammunition, and large bags for that they are the experts of forest warfare.

How did I got this Idea? these are what got me thinking of it.

1. "The End" from (Snake Eater) [link]

2. I remember there was a movie when a woman saw a pair of glowing eyes out the window that scared her and left so any ideas?

3. I remember there was a movie when some guy was being chase by glowing yellow eyes ghost nuns any Ideas?

4. "The Jawas" from (Star Wars) [link]

5. And this which scares the crap out of me.[link]
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