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One of the members of Ludwig's gang.

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Theme: [link] "Within Temptation - Final Destination"

Name: Bai Hu
Surname: Unknow
Species: Tiger


... I have no idea now, so I'll add them later.

Height: 1,64 meters.
Age: 16 Years old.
Birthday: 26th January
Nationality: Chinese
Personality: She's shy and suspicious towards people she doesn't know. Very calm, she tends to stay quiet and silent, and follows the orders that her friends/teammates give to her.
Habits: She doesn't look into people's eyes when she speaks with them, and often plays with her tail when she's nervous.
The Gang, Sly and his gang, and the other "Daughters of the Dragon".
Enemies: Her old "master".
Background:She was sold by her parents when she was only 2 years old. Then, she had to survive in a poor shed, obliged to work illegally in an industry, together with other girls. She was both abused and humiliated, and she still remembers it clearly...

But the other girls weren't just normal people. They were part of a secret order called "Daughters of the Dragon" (You can figure alone what animals were they, the same of the Chinese zodiac). They had the mission to guard over China, protecting it from its ancient demons.
They were all undercover, so they had to resist to all that pain... And then Bai Hu discovered her power.

When her "Master" gave her a towel, a red whire and a needle, telling her to decorate it, she didn't expected what happened. She wrote the ideogram for "dragon", and suddenly that was what appeared. The evil man, surprised, ran away for the fear, but her "sisters" immediatly told her to escape, as her life was now in danger, since she was "the one with Bai Hu's power". (Bai Hu is infact a mythological Chinese tiger)

She escaped by taking a train, hidden, which took her to Moscow. From it, she managed to do A LOT of road (with a bit of help from her "Friends") until she came to France. In that, she met Bahati, who was actually resting from a mission. The hyena noticed her and stopped her, and after a good talk, she presented her to Ludwig.
He decided to make her join, but he often tells her to remain in the SafeHouse. The two have a father-to-daughter relationship.

Bai Hu always fears that the ancient demons she had to stop still search her, and she's right. In her dreams, she sees her old "master", she feels his hands dragging her away... She knows that in the light of the day and in the dark of the night, he will always chase her.

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