Sagittarius Amaterasu-Midoriko Picture

I wanted to introduce my previous Sagittarius Goldess, Midoriko. I decided to make her the Sagittarius Saint and a Character in my alternate Lost Canvas, Saint Mythology: Aima Eikona (Saint Mythology: Blood Painting). Midoriko has Athena's blessing and has lived and survived through not only one, but 3 Holy Wars. She has reincarnated many times and has taken on many names. Actually in Lost Canvas (Aima Eikona) her name is Amaterasu, and in Legend of the Myth her name is Midoriko. She lives in another part of Jamir, where the spirits are pratically alive. She stays in her temple meditating (kind of like Shaka) and in a Cosmetic Sleep (asleep, but not mentally).

In Legend of the Myth, she is the wife of the Pope, Shiva (the man she married when Shion died), and the Lady Pope, referred to as "Rhea" or "Mother Goddess" due to her kind hearted-ness and positive attitude. She she has had 3 kids with him (Mu, Ria, and Ah-Un) and lives happily in the Sanctuary in the Sky. She's always referred to as -sama, -dono, or called "Lady Corona". Midoriko is pretty laid-back at her old age, but at her youth she was a strern, strict, and supportive person. It was a real privalege to become one of her students.

Sagittarius Midoriko (Amaterasu) (c) me
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