Sleipnir - The Mighty Stallion Picture

Art of Sleipnir, born to Loki after he changed into a mare to lure the stallion Svadilfari away, for an Avengers fanfic I'm planning on writing.

The backstory for my take on Sleipnir:
He hated being trapped in this form.

It had been so long since he'd been anything else that he was beginning to forget what it had ever been like to be...whatever he had been before.

Approaching footsteps had him looking up and he stared in surprise at a man who should not have been in the stables. A man he had not seen in ages. A man who was kin. A man who was smiling at him. "Hello, Sleipnir." A gently hand ran over his flank and he whinnied in greeting. He stomped two hooves as the man reached up to gently trace the bridle he always wore. He felt magic surge, both from the man and from the bridle, and then the accursed leather was pulled away, its magic taken with it.

He blinked at the man, who still smiled, the gentle hand on his flank rubbed in soothing circles. "Time to be free, brother."

(I chose Kyle Gallner to resprent Sleipnir's human form purely at random.)

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