Ellesyia (El) Bontess Picture

Original Character El

Name: Ellesyia (El) Bontess
Species: Asari
Gender: Female
Age: 200
Occupation: Private doctor
Height: 5' 8"
Personality: She's kind and motherly. She is rarely angry and is very hard to anger. She's quiet a lot of the time but tends to make sure everyone is at home and is the first to see how everyone is doing.


Born on Thessia with a Salarian father. Ellesyia was born unable to meld -at all- so she was never able to mate with any other species. She studied medicine and other various studies such as chemistry, mythology from different species and can accurately speak most languages. She eventually joined a mercenary group during her maiden years, looking for a purpose -thinking they were going to be doing some good. After a while she realized that a lot of innocent people died. While on a planet that the merc group had planned to attack for months before hand, she decided she was going to quit, but she couldn't let the others know. Turning she made for the ship they came in on.

Climbing aboard that was when she spotted a young Drell. He was a child who must have been looking for either a place to hide or some stuff to steal was hiding behind the captains chair. Knowing that if she were to throw him out he'd die, she decided that she had to take him with her. Hijacking the ship she took off. Knowing a thing or two about Drell she took him to a warm, dry planet and debated on either leaving him there alone or staying with him. Figuring that he would die if she just left him behind she settled down with him, gained his trust and raised him. When he turned 17 he admitted that he was in love with her. She felt awkward and explained that she couldn't have children with him plus she raised him. He said he didn't care about either and that he loved her no matter what.

She decided to give him a try and settled down with him, finding that she loved him as well. They lived as lovers for four years until a group of bandits attacked their little house that they managed to build. They almost killed her but the boy got in the way, taking the bullet for her. El held him in her arms as he died, then promised that she would see him again by the sea. She buried him in the sand and marked the grave with an item from the ship and left the house behind.

Boarding the ship she traveled to the Citadel to become a doctor. No spot was open to where her expertise was needed so she ran a small specialty clinic out of the visitor room she stayed in. That was when Elaine was brought to her. She tried her hardest to help her get better and for the most part succeeded. A bit later she was asked to join Elaine's crew and be a private doctor. She decided that she was needed so she agreed.
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