Cage Owl Picture

Cage Owl
shes fine with anything
Sexual Orientation:
she can whistle a type of frequency to make the vicitm have a painful headache
she can also whistle dogs to come help if shes in trouble
side effects:
it gives her a massive headache

♦kind and calm
♦shes seldoms get very angry
♦shes very open minded
♦she likes to hug people alot
♦she also quite motherly
•shes a workaholic
•hurts herself alot because of training
•gets very angry and rude when shes having her headache
•she has a bad habit of clicking her tongue and making the 'tch' sound
•shes weird...

Reason for coming to O.R.G.A.N:
she is the personal bodyguard of Arsenio so where he goes she must follow.but she also
thinks that the police are useless


when Cage was a child she was taken from her father by her mother because of a fight, too young to understand
she just followed her mother, her mother was a prostitute who works in a brothel which alot of shady looking men comes and goes
as a child she had to watch her mother sell her body to these men, cage's mother too focus on the men and their affection didnt give her own daugther the attention she needed. Cage grew up not knowing how it felt like to have a mothers love, in the brothel as cage got older her mother and other prostitutes would teach her how to use her body as an advantage against male.
Cage still young didnt understand it but just listen to her mother thinking that it will please her, one day after cages's mother was done with her clients, she ask cage to clean the room. While cage was cleaning a man suddenly appeared infront of her and started tearing her clothes off crying she started hitting the man and shouting for her mother, but to her fear her mother was just standing there smiling and than left her. Still in shock the man starting kissing her and tearing more of her clothes off, when cage finally snaps out of it she kick the man on his crotch area and ran out, hiding from the man and her mother.
As she was hiding she started whistling in an attempt to calm herself,as she was whistling the man found her. Cage didnt notice at first and she just kept on whistling until she heard a loud thump!, there she saw the man who was about to rape her on the ground groaning in pain on the floor.
confuse she ran past the man and went back into the brothel and hid there,a new hatred for her mother.After that cage started praticing her new skills on people the cons and pros about it and the side effects of course she didnt tell her mother about this she just kept it all to herself.
when cage was 11 years old, a boy appeared infront of her, she just stared at him thinking who is he.Suddenly the boy grabed her arm and started pulling her away with him, cage thinking that her mother send another one after her she started hitting and kicking the boy out of fear that the event was going to happen again to her.
Cage did everything she could kick,scream,punch but the boy still didnt let her arm go and still kept on dragging her,then all of a sudden the boy knocked her out causing her to faint.

When she woken up she found herself in a room very different from the one at the brothel, this room had a very odd feeling to it.Than all of a sudden a man came into her view, her eyes open wided as she started to back away.As she was backing away the man hurriedly hugged her saying that he was her father and kept on apologize saying he should have founded her sooner and that he wasnt there to protect her.As her father hugged her cage remember this feeling of warmth and finally hugged back letting years and years of tears flow out of her.

As time past she found out that her father was a bodyguard for the mafias boss and that the boy who bought her back was his boss's son Arsenio Ilvor, feeling bad she went up and apologize to him and after that they became firends. As the years grew pass cage was trained to be Arsenio's bodyguard.

One day he said he join this organization called 'ORGAN', as his bodyguard she must follow him wherever he goes as it is a job her father has entrusted her.

•she likes reading about greek mythology
•she likes children like taking care of them
•she likes eating alot too
•she likes sleeping naked i dont know its nice.
•sleeping it helps the headache die down

•she doesnt like rude people
•she hates hot weather
•talking about her mother
•the doesnt really like the smell of smoke sometimes

•whens shes asleep she has a habit of if your near her she will pull you down with her.
•she likes dogs alot so sometimes u will see her show up with a dog or two
•boob hug yea...boob hugs
•she has a tattoo at her back
She's single (i dont mind shippings HOHOHOHO)

RP Method:

i rp usually in skype or google docs but im fine with anything

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