NAME: Adriel "Loki" Bernheardt
AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 5'5"/165 cm
WEIGHT: 96 lbs/43.5 kg
HAIR COLOR: Slate Grey


Loki was originally "Adriel," one of the fabled angels of death. In an incident that threatened his life, Azrael, one of the most high ranking death arbiters in heaven, attached Adriel's soul to the first living thing that he could find, and this thing happened to be a kitten. Because this action was very much against the code that the death arbiters were supposed to follow, Azrael had no choice but to surrender Adriel to the Bernheardts, a wealthy, powerful couple that could not have any children of their own. However, he allowed them to raise Adriel under the condition that they would not do anything that would threaten his life. The couple agreed, and Azrael bound them to their promise through a magical contract.

The couple was happy to have Adriel at first, since they finally had an heir, but it wasn't long before they found out that he wasn't a normal human being. They were afraid of him, and even thought of him as a monster rather than their child. Therefore, they hired many caretakers for him, since they wanted to keep their distance as much as they possibly could. They ardently stressed normality in their household, so Adriel, who was essentially born a cat possessing an angel's soul, was violently suppressed as a child.

He was raised as a human and brought up to believe that his not being human was something strange and shameful. He is not allowed to leave the house without concealing his feline features. He developed a tendency to read stories about mythology and magic in order to escape the stress associated with hiding his true self, and upon reading about Loki from a Norse mythology book, he adopted the name for himself, liking the story and character.

Occasionally, his classmates would discover his secret for one reason or another, and whenever they discovered the fact that Loki was "abnormal," not only was he harshly teased by them, but he was also harshly scolded, threatened, and occasionally, abused by his parents and forced to change schools. This was his life until the beginning of high school.

Though most of his high school career was spent at an expensive, prestigious boarding school known as B.N Garden Academy, unknown to his parents, he briefly attended the Heaven-Hell Academy where he was able to begin harnessing his latent magical abilities. There, he met a wide variety of friends, including Azura, Hidalgo, Tan, Renji, Josephine, and many others. However, not long after he enrolled, certain issues caused the school to close down, and he had no other choice to return to his boarding school. Unfortunately, he has not been able to contact the friends he made at HHA ever since. He still wishes to meet them again one day.

Later that year, he managed to meet Felix, Anu, and Dmitrij, and they all accepted him for exactly who he was. Even if he didn't say it expressly, he felt very lucky to call them his friends. One day, he tried to have a party with them at his house when his parents weren't home. However, his parents returned, and they were furious. At that point, they forced him to surgically remove his ears and tail. They grew back, which made his parents even angrier. In their fury, they lashed out at him until he was nearly dead.

At that point, since they had broken their contract with Azrael, his parents were erased from the world. Loki witnessed the entire thing, but he refuses to speak about it (the shock had driven him to smoking). No one remembers his parents, and everyone acts as if Loki had owned his parent's assets, wealth, and business for his entire life. As a result, he is very busy, but at the same time, a little freer to be himself. Currently, whenever he has free time, he pursues his interests in the supernatural.


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